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Following her intuition into a caring natural health career

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 28 August 2023

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When Tayla Gardiner told her school career advisor she was interested in natural health, the advisor didn’t offer her any options, so Tayla ventured into business entrepreneurship. But it wasn’t long before she decided to follow her intuition.

“I enjoyed business at high school, but after a semester at uni, I started doing my research,” Tayla said. “I grew up in a family interested in natural remedies, and my Mum is a market gardener who grows her culinary herbs. With a close friend already studying nutrition at Endeavour, I decided to try naturopathy.”

Tayla started studying part-time at Endeavour before switching to full-time after the first semester. She also began in Melbourne but moved to the Gold Coast with her Italian partner, an avid surfer, and finished her degree there.

“At the start, I doubted myself with the science, but I loved it,” she said. “It turns out naturopathy was always the right course for me. I loved learning about herbal medicines. I’m so grateful that I backed myself to pursue this career.

“Naturopathy has great flexibility – I could move into product development, content collaboration, clinical practice or education.”

While Tayla loved the idea of becoming a practitioner, the thought of conducting consultations was scary. “I found it comforting to know others are in the same boat. At Endeavour, I felt incredibly supported by the other students and clinic supervisors.

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“You don’t realise how much you know until you connect with clients in the student clinic,” she said. “Everything comes together. I loved treating different conditions, and if something was challenging, I could use my fellow students and supervisors as a sounding board.”

Tayla developed many friendships in the student clinic. Some of her friends were in the year ahead of her, and several were already in business when she started thinking about her own. About a year before completing her degree, Tayla was planning her business.

“I reached out to Brooke Oke at Goodkind Naturopathy and did a mentorship with her,” she said. “Working alongside a qualified naturopath was inspiring. I also contacted others in the industry and have created a tight-knit network.

“When I graduated, I took a few months to set up my business, Cura Wellness, and soon, I was consulting with clients online. ‘Cura’ means to care in Italian,” Tayla explained. “And ‘wellness’ leaves the business open to more possibilities.

“I always say to other students, ‘Embrace the whole degree!’ At the bare minimum, it will leave you with a wealth of knowledge you can use to care for yourself and your loved ones. And as a career, you can take naturopathy anywhere!”

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