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The best way to set yourself up for a smooth postpartum

Written by Riannon Page | Wednesday, 26 October 2022

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A postpartum journey should be a sacred journey of a new baby and a new mother. The journey should be slow, peaceful, and enjoyable, although for many women it isn’t.

We are often made to feel like we should ‘bounce back’ straight after having a baby, although it can take months and months for our body to return to its natural and non-pregnant state! We should be lapping up the down time, enjoying breastfeeding if we are able to, resting a lot, and allowing our body to heal! Afterall, there is a dinner-plate size wound left where the placenta once attached, so there is no doubt we need to heal.

Here are a few tips that I have gathered from my experience working with many beautiful mothers in my clinic, Mungbean Health, where naturopaths and I help women to thrive in their postpartum journey.

Firstly, start early!

The best way to get started on your postpartum journey is by getting prepped even before you conceive.

Get some people in your corner!

  1. A naturopath
  2. Find a lactation consultant in your area (you don’t have to make contact just yet, just know your options if you need them)
  3. Start working on your mental health and coping mechanisms – a psychologist, start meditation, yoga etc
  4. Join a mums group on Facebook or reach out to your mum friends and start learning

In your third trimester really start to think about ways you can make your postpartum smoother!

- This could be hiring a house cleaner once a week

- Finding a postpartum meal service for the first four weeks postpartum

- Pre-book your naturopathic appointment for around three to four weeks postpartum to bring in some beautiful healing and replenishing herbs and nutrients

- Visit a women’s health physio and set up an appointment for postpartum

Try to keep moving in late pregnancy, stay hydrated and choose nutrient dense foods. This is such a great way to help you feel yourself once bub arrives!

Aim to spend the first 40 days horizontal!

Obviously, this is very unrealistic if you have other kids to look after, but lots of resting is what I’m implying. Lean on those around you, hubby, in-laws, parents of your own, friends, anyone you feel comfortable with to help. It could be them coming over to look after your little ones so you can have a rest yourself, read a book, have a shower, meditate or even a quick solo walk.

Lastly, allow yourself time to feel ‘normal’ again. You are now a new version of yourself – a mum – and it is going to take a little adjustment in getting used to, but this will be the best version of yourself yet!

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Riannon Page

Riannon Page has over nine years' experience as a Naturopath and has worked in the health industry her entire career – starting as a young girl at the age of 14 working in a busy health food store.

She undertook a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney and has since worked for an international thyroid and hormonal clinic as a Head Naturopath and trained many other Naturopaths in her field. Now Riannon specialises in women hormones, thyroid conditions and all things fertility in her own online and bricks-and-mortar clinic and dispensary called Mungbean Health - based on the Central Coast of NSW.

With two Naturopaths, along with three additional dispensary hands working at Mungbean Health, plus seeing clients from all over Australia and caring for two young children, Riannon leads a very busy life!

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