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Integria Healthcare

With a history spanning 60 years, Integria brings together well-established and trusted brands in natural medicine to deliver a suite of herbal, nutritional and complementary healthcare products supported by scientific and traditional evidence that help support patient health and wellbeing. In addition, to a therapeutic range of natural medicine, Integria supports practitioners with education and patient and practitioner resources, all free to access from the Integria Practitioner Education Centre, our one stop online destination for practitioner and patient resources, clinical tools, herbal formulator, events and news from MediHerb, Eagle Clinical and Eagle, to assist practitioners with providing the best in patient care.

At Integria we are committed to being a leader in innovative practitioner natural medicine products and are positioned as an authority in herbal medicine and specialists in nutritional medicine products, education and patient and practitioner resources. With credible science, research and innovation at the heart of our business, we ensure practitioners stay up to date and well-informed for the best clinical outcomes for their patients.

Monday, 14 August 2023

Integria Healthcare


Thriving careers for natural health practitioners beyond the clinic

The exciting thing about studying a natural health degree at Endeavour College is that it opens so many doors to you career-wise. Many graduates move into clinical practitioner roles, but did you know there is a whole world of careers available beyond t…

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