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Thriving careers for natural health practitioners beyond the clinic

Written by Integria Healthcare | Monday, 14 August 2023


The exciting thing about studying a natural health degree at Endeavour College is that it opens so many doors to you career-wise. Many graduates move into clinical practitioner roles, but did you know there is a whole world of careers available beyond the clinic?

We chat with Integria Healthcare to get an insider’s view of the range of roles available to natural health graduates (hint: there are quite a few!).

Customer facing roles

Are you a people person? Do you love meeting new people and sharing your enthusiasm for natural medicine? Perhaps a customer facing role might suit you. Here’s a bit about what you can expect from these kinds of roles…

Sales team

  • Account managers spend time out in the field networking with practitioners and retail partners, updating them on the latest product news, resources and events.

Customer care

  • This requires answering calls and emails from practitioners and retailers regarding general inquires, queries and orders.
  • You’ll also receive and respond to stories and feedback about our products.
  • Build relationships with our clientele.

Practitioner education

If you are passionate about practitioner education and advancing the knowledge and skills of the natural health profession, there are a number of roles that may suit you.


  • Creating educational presentations for our regular seminars and webinars, and annual symposium events.
  • Delivering informative presentations to Integria staff and to our practitioner customers.

Clinical support

  • Answering calls from practitioners regarding technical information and safety (e.g. herb-drug interactions and contraindications).
  • Helping practitioners choose which products are suitable to prescribe, often in complex cases.

Technical writing

  • Reviewing and interpreting preclinical and clinical research on herbs and nutrients used in formulated products.
  • Developing a library of practitioner and patient resources backed by scientific evidence and the latest literature.

Research and innovation

Do you dream of being at the forefront of our industry development? Do you love finding the newest research on natural medicine? Perhaps a role in research or innovation may be the right fit for you.

Innovation and product development

  • Identifying new effective ingredients to improve a product range.
  • Bringing our ideas to market with exciting new formulations.
  • Bridging the gap between what’s available and what’s needed in the practitioner dispensary.

Research and development

  • Conducting internal research on our existing products, as well as potential new ingredients.
  • Conducting clinical research trials to assess the efficacy of products.

Regulatory affairs

If you are analytically minded, with strong attention to detail and an eye for the fine print, a career in Regulatory Affairs might suit your particular skills.

Regulatory affairs

  • Ensuring product manufacturing, labels, claims, and advertising comply with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines for complementary medicines in Australia.
  • Developing confidence in the quality, health claims and safety of products by ensuring they conform to TGA standards.

Marketing and events

If you are creative, organised, outgoing and interested in connecting practitioners with our products and services, a role in Marketing or Events may be the one for you.


  • Identifying the needs of our practitioner customers, and analysing the best way to meet these needs.
  • Managing our social media pages and content published across marketing channels (e.g. website, emails and events), cataloguing products.
  • Managing resources and publications that educate practitioners on brands and product range.


  • Coordinating in-person and live stream seminars, webinars and symposium events.

Integria Healthcare also have a wide range of non-practitioner roles, from Analytic Chemists in their laboratory, manufacturing and packaging roles in their warehouse and manufacturing facility, through to finance, Human Resources and Information Technology specialists in their offices.

More about Integria

At Integria we aim to inspire people to live better lives, naturally. We value:

  • Creativity & Innovation – We act on great ideas with deep curiosity and creativity to cultivate growth for a better tomorrow.
  • Courage & Commitment – We empower our people to make brave decisions and deliver on our commitments.
  • Care – We care about out people, the local communities we operate in, our partners and consumers. Our efforts seek to be for the collective good.

While Integria operations and manufacturing is based in Queensland, our staff work across Australia, New Zealand and in remote roles. With part-time and full-time roles available, there is the option to work for Integria alongside practicing in your own clinic and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Passionate about natural health and want to work with us? Head over to the Work With Us page on the Integria Website to view available roles or submit an expression of interest.

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