Please note that all Endeavour College policies, procedures and related documents are being transitioned to remove branding and references to Martin Higher Education (MHE) and Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE).

To further support the environment and reduce printing, forms can now be submitted directly via the student portal. Log into your student portal to access all available forms from the resources tab.

Document name Document ID Type
Access and Equity Program Registration Form DOCID-3-2429 .pdf
Add or Drop Subject Form DOCID-3-462 .pdf
Application for Clinic Session Make-up DOCID-3-663 .docx
Application for Remission of Financial Liability due to Special Circumstances Form DOCID-3-2445 .docx
Application Form for Extension of Written Assessment DOCID-3-666 .pdf
Application to Observe DOCID-3-660 .pdf
Clash of Exam Notification Form DOCID-3-655 .pdf
Clinic Application for Treatment Concession DOCID-3-1996 .pdf
Clinic Release of Health Information Form DOCID-3-2531 .pdf
Credit Transfer - Higher Education to Higher Education Application Form DOCID-3-1997 .docx
Deferred Examination Application Form DOCID-3-654 .pdf
Endeavour Student Summer Research Program Application Form DOCID-3-1410 .docx
Endeavour Student Summer Research Program Feedback Form DOCID-3-2358 .docx
ESL Registration Form DOCID-3-2401 .pdf
Formal Grievance Form DOCID-3-470 .pdf
Honours Degree Academic Referee Form DOCID-3-2272 .docx
Honours Degree Application Form for Students DOCID-3-2273 .docx
Honours Degree Change of Candidature Request Form DOCID-3-2270 .docx
Honours Degree EndNote Software Request Form DOCID-3-2269 .docx
Honours Degree Funding Request Form DOCID-3-2603 .docx
Honours Degree Research Project Proposal Form DOCID-3-2267 .docx
Honours Degree Student Curriculum Vitae DOCID-3-2286 .docx
Incident Accident Report Form DOCID-3-959 .pdf
Informal Articulation Application Form DOCID-3-1124 .docx
Nomination of External Exam Invigilator Form DOCID-3-1075 .pdf
Notifiable Diseases Declaration Form DOCID-3-954 .pdf
Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis Form DOCID-3-2521 .docx
Permission to Release Personal Information - Students DOCID-3-1913 .docx
Postgraduate Research Degree Thesis Extension Form DOCID-3-2522 .docx
Recognition of Prior Learning Application Kit - Higher Education DOCID-3-1259 .docx
Reissue of Subject or Unit of Study Outline DOCID-3-662 .pdf
Request for Academic Documentation Form DOCID-3-960 .docx
Student Medical Certificate Form DOCID-3-14884 .pdf
Supervisor Approval to Submit Thesis Form DOCID-3-2523 .docx
Transfer of Campus or Provider Form DOCID-3-961 .pdf
Variation of Course Form DOCID-3-981 .pdf
Withdrawal from Course Form DOCID-3-585 .pdf