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Acupuncture update

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In 2022, the College introduced three new Chinese medicine qualifications:

  • Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) – DipHSc(CRM)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture Therapies) – BHSc(AcuTh)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) – BHSc(CM)

These qualifications are our next major investment into the Chinese medicine profession and will eventually replace the current Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture). This means that from October 2021, the BHSC(Acu) qualification will be entering a teach-out phase with delivery ceasing by early 2024.

Improved learning experience and career opportunities

These new courses cater to the evolving needs of the Chinese medicine profession which has developed significantly since the creation of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA). We have listened carefully to feedback from current and past students to develop these new offerings and have sought input from various professional groups and subject matter experts. We are confident that these new offerings not only match other Higher Education providers but provide a leading edge offering for the Chinese Medicine industry.

What does this mean for existing students?

Students graduating in 2021-2023 will do so from the current BHSc(Acu) course. Graduates of the BHSc(Acu) may also apply for membership with the following professional associations:

  • Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
  • Australian Natural Therapies Association
  • Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
  • Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd.

Students graduating from 2024 onward will transition into one of our new qualifications and graduate with either a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture Therapies) or a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine). Pathways into the Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) will also be available.

Have further questions?

The College will offer personalised study planning sessions for each student to guide you through the completion of your current qualification, or the transition to one of the new offerings. We are here to support you every step of the way.

For more information including helpful webinars, course progression information and Frequently Asked Questions, visit the Chinese Medicine Course Transition Hub.