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Recognition of Non-formal Learning

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If you have studied or are currently studying in a course that is not part of an AQF accredited qualification, you may receive recognition of prior learning towards an Endeavour qualification.


Non-formal that is recognised by Endeavour includes learning achieved as part of a non-AQF course or qualification, such as:

  • Unaccredited courses
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses
  • Other types of structured learning activities

Your application will require you to include information comparable to what is typically included in a Subject Outline or Unit of Study (within an accredited course of study). This will allow assessors to demonstrate the equivalence of your learning to the subject/s or unit/s being applied for.

Your evidence may include:

  • Evidence that you successfully completed the course, such as a certificate or other statement of completion
  • A description (from the provider) of the course’s content
  • A description (from the provider) of students’ acquired knowledge and/or skills from completing the course
  • A description (from the provider) of the volume of learning completed
  • A description (from the provider) of the methods of assessment used, or copies of your completed assessments where relevant

Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

Before you can apply for RPL towards your chosen qualification, please get in touch with our Admissions Team who can check your eligibility to study and provide further guidance.

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