International Scholarships

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International students who meet the eligibility criteria can be granted the 15% International Student Scholarship.

The 15% International Student Scholarship is available to all new international undergraduate students who:

  • meet the entry requirements to an undergraduate course at Endeavour College of Natural Health (Endeavour) as a new student referred to Endeavour via an agent; transfer to Endeavour from another onshore College/University; or who enrol with Endeavour directly.
  • meet the International Student Scholarship eligibility criteria.
  • successfully complete an international student enrolment interview.


The Scholarship rewards successful applicants with 15 % off tuition fees for the duration of their studies.

  • Scholarship: 15% off tuition fees
  • Length of Scholarship: Duration of course

Eligibility Criteria

All International Student Scholarship recipients are governed by the following eligibility criteria:

  • The International Student Scholarship is only available to students applying for bachelor study (not applicable for Honours students).
  • The International Student Scholarship is only available to students new to Endeavour - it is not available to students who are currently studying at Endeavour or have previously studied with or have been excluded from studying at Endeavour.
  • Students currently studying at Endeavour and applying for Change of Course will also not be eligible for the International Student Scholarship.
  • All successful scholarship recipients agree to be Endeavour ambassadors and involved in the bi-monthly International Student meetings.

Terms and Conditions

All International Student Scholarship recipients are governed by the following terms and conditions:

  • The International Student Scholarship is awarded, at the discretion of Endeavour to international students, undertaking an on-campus degree study at Endeavour.
  • The International Student Scholarship is not transferable to a third party or redeemable for cash.
  • The International Student Scholarship is calculated and applied on a per Semester basis.

The International Student Scholarship remains valid whilst the recipient:

  • remains enrolled in full-time study in compulsory Semesters at Endeavour.
  • remains enrolled in the course listed on their Letter of Offer.
  • pays all tuition and additional fees/costs in accordance with Endeavour’s Fees Policy – International. Ensuring tuition fees are paid in full by the fee payment deadline.
  • meets the conditions of their student visa and their student visa status doesn’t change.

Cancellation of Scholarship

A student’s scholarships could be cancelled if they do not make satisfactory course progress which is deemed if:

  • the student receives a grade that is lower than a Pass in more than 50% of subjects undertaken in any two semesters.
  • the student receives a grade lower than a Pass in a subject or its equivalent twice.

The International Student Scholarship will discontinue if the student named on the Letter of Offer:

  • has overdue tuition fees and/or outstanding debts after census date of each semester.
  • graduates from their nominated course
  • cancels their enrolment
  • fails to adhere to College Policies including the Student Code of Conduct
  • has their enrolment cancelled

Important Information

The International Student Scholarship may be withdrawn with 10 days’ written notice, should the recipient breach any of these terms and conditions.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their enrolment application through Endeavours online application form.