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Policies, Procedures and Forms

All documents for domestic students studying a Higher Education degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health are listed below. 

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College Information

Academic Governance Framework

ACNM Strategic Plan

Bachelor of Health Science (Specialisation) (Honours) Handbook

Clinic Handbook

Student Handbook - Higher Education

Higher Education Policies

Academic Integrity Policy - Higher Education

Academic Progression Policy - Higher Education

Acceptable Usage Policy - Information Resources

Admissions Policy - Undergraduate - Higher Education

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy - Higher Education Students

Assessment Policy - Higher Education

Attendance Policy - Higher Education

Children on Campus Policy

Clinic Client and Visitor Safety Policy

Clinic Client FOI - Requests for Records Policy

Clinic Client Health Records Disposals Policy

Clinic Client Recruitment Policy

Clinic Student Safety Policy

Collaborative Research and Authorship Policy

Course & Subject Viability Policy - Higher Education

Course Development and Review Policy - Higher Education

Course Discontinuation Policy - Higher Education

Critical Incident Policy

Deferral, Withdrawal and Course Variation Policy - Higher Education

Disability and Special Needs Policy

Educational Pathways Policy - Higher Education

English Proficiency Policy - Higher Education

Examination Policy - Higher Education

Fees Policy - Higher Education

Free Intellectual Inquiry Policy - Higher Education

Graduation Documents Issuance Policy and Procedures - Higher Education

Graduation Policy

Grievance Policy - Domestic Students - Higher Education

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Honours Degree Supervision Policy

Honours Examination Policy - Higher Education

Informed Consent Policy

Library Collection Development Policy

Library Loans Policy

Library Policy

Media Policy

Moderation of Assessment Policy - Higher Education

Notifiable Diseases and Infection Control Policy

Office of Research Funding Policy

Privacy Policy

Quality and Compliance Policy

Reasonable Adjustment Policy

Records Management Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Remission of Financial Liability due to Special Circumstances Policy - Higher Education

Research Policy

Social Media Policy

Special Consideration Policy - Higher Education

Student Code of Conduct – Higher Education

Student Consultation Policy - Higher Education

Student Equal Opportunity and Fair Treatment Policy - Higher Education

Student Misconduct Policy - Higher Education

Student Record Policy - Higher Education

Student Stakeholder Feedback Policy - Higher Education

Student Stakeholder Feedback Policy - Higher Education

Students at Risk Policy (Academic Standing) - Higher Education

Teaching Clinic Operation Policy

Teaching Clinic Practicum Policy

Terminating Services to a Clinic Client Policy

Textbook Selection Policy - Higher Education

Timetabling Policy - Higher Education

Working with Children Checks Policy


Academic Integrity and Student Misconduct Procedure

Admissions Procedure

Attribution of Publication Affiliation Procedure

Clinic Client FOI - Requests for Records Procedure

Credit Transfer Procedure - Higher Education

First Aid and Infection Control Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Informal Articulation Procedure

Moderation of Assessment Procedure - Higher Education

Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure - Higher Education

Terminating Services to a Clinic Client Procedure

Timetabling Procedure

Underage Students - Mandatory Reporting Procedure

Visitors Procedure

Working with Children Checks - Student Application Procedure (South Australia)

Working with Children Checks - Student Monitoring Procedure (South Australia)

Working with Children Checks - Student Validation Procedure (South Australia)


Guidelines for Client Record Keeping

Honours Degree Application Guidelines

Postgraduate Research Thesis Submission Guidelines

Student Summer Research Program Guidelines


Add or Swap Subject Form

Application for Clinic Session Make-up

Application for Remission of Financial Liability due to Special Circumstances Form

Application Form for Extension of Written Assessment

Application to Observe

Clash of Exam Notification Form

Clinic Application for Treatment Concession

Clinic Release of Health Information Form

Credit Transfer - Higher Education to Higher Education Application Form

Deferred Examination Application Form

Endeavour Student Summer Research Program Application Form

Endeavour Student Summer Research Program Feedback Form

Formal Grievance Form

Honours Degree Academic Referee Form

Honours Degree Application Form for Students

Honours Degree Change of Candidature Request Form

Honours Degree EndNote Software Request Form

Honours Degree Funding Request Form

Honours Degree Student Curriculum Vitae

Incident Accident Report Form

Informal Articulation Application Form

Internal Credit Transfer HE to VET Application Form

Internal Credit Transfer HE to VET Application Form - Concurrent

Nomination of External Exam Invigilator Form

Notifiable Diseases Declaration Form

Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis Form

Permission to Release Personal Information - Students

Postgraduate Research Degree Thesis Extension Form

Recognition of Prior Learning Application Kit - Higher Education

Reissue of Subject or Unit of Study Outline

Request for Academic Documentation Form

Special Consideration Application Form

Supervisor Approval to Submit Thesis Form

Transfer of Campus or Provider Form

Variation of Course Form

Withdrawal from Course Form


Grievances FAQ

Honours Degree FAQ

Wellnation Clinics FAQ – A guide to your first time in clinic

Working with Children Checks FAQs


Statement of Tuition Assurance Exemption

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