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What to do after you’ve graduated

Written by Emma Higginson | Thursday, 20 June 2019


You have graduated or you are about to. Congratulations! All those years of study and sacrifice and missing out on social events. It was all worth it. You are a fully qualified natural health practitioner. What a massive achievement. Go you!

Congratulations, you've graduated! So now what…? 

*crickets chirp*

Do you feel a little unsure and overwhelmed? Do you have a lot of unanswered questions? No, not about healing the gut or restoring adrenal function. You can do that in your sleep. Unanswered questions about what to do next. So many years studying and now it's all over. Truth be told, you feel a little lost.

So how do you take the next step and more importantly know what the right step is?

You find your ‘why’, that’s how! As inspirational entrepreneur Lisa Messenger tells us, “find your why and the how will follow”.

Here are five tips for finding your feet after graduation…

“I don't know enough”. “I’m not good enough”. “Other practitioners know so much more than me”. Sound familiar? It’s called ‘imposter syndrome’ and occurs when you disregard your achievements, doubt your worth and live in fear that you will be exposed as a fraud. Imposter syndrome strikes the best of us, celebs and entrepreneurs alike.

Just remember you have achieved a Bachelor Degree. You know so much more than the average Joe on the street. You absolutely have something to offer and Joe is there waiting, ready to buy from you. Repeat after me “I am enough. I know enough”. Repeat daily if you have to, until you believe down to your core that it’s true, because it is.

You have heard the saying ‘you become like the five people you spend the most time with’. Well it isn’t just a saying. There is real research to back this up! Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, who are prepared to have the hard conversations and want you to live your best life. Think about an alumni support group of other graduating students you feel a strong connection to, both personally and professionally. Seek out a mentor to challenge and guide you, especially early on in your career.

What lights you up in student clinic? What subject can you spend hours reading research on? Ask your tribe for feedback. You are not asking them to make a decision, or choose your path for you but sometimes people see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. 

Start by brainstorming your ideas and free journalling to get things down on paper. Meditate and reflect on your core values and how they align with both your passions and your natural health philosophies. Then refine your ideas and narrow your focus.

If you plan on being active in the digital world, you need to find your niche. Competition is fierce but there is room for everyone. Just don’t try and be everything to everyone. You now know what drives you, so niche down in that area and go for it. You don’t need 10,000+ followers. It’s not about popularity. It’s about true engagement. Start with 10, work towards 20. There are people out there who need your help and want the unique insight that only you have!

Procrastination is a huge barrier to success and resistance always strikes when you encounter something difficult and new. Resistance encourages you to stay within the safety and security of your comfort zones but no growth happens there. 

Opportunities aren’t just going to fall into your lap. You need to make connections, seek opportunities and promote yourself. Above all, you need to believe in yourself. Famous author Paul Cohleo encourages us to, “Trust in yourself and your ability and challenge yourself. And you have to sell it – if you don’t believe it, then no-one is going to buy it”. 

Show up for yourself, do the work, be authentic and success will follow.

Still have questions? Get support after graduation on our website !

Emma Higginson

Emma Nuttall (Higginson) is a freelance health and wellbeing writer and is currently completing Nutrition studies at Endeavour. Emma shares her passion for natural health through her website

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