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What to expect during a Naturopathy consultation?

Written by Elisa Franklin | Thursday, 6 May 2021


If you are new to Naturopathy or have never seen (or heard of) a Naturopath before, what happens during a consultation may feel like quite the mystery.

Before we dive into what happens during a Naturopathy consultation, let’s first quickly break down what a Naturopath is and what they do. A Naturopath is a holistic healthcare practitioner whose aim is to help you find the underlying cause of your signs and symptoms, and then provide natural methods of treatment to support your body back to optimal health and wellness. A Naturopath utilises a range of natural therapies such as herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, dietary counseling, homeopathy, flower essences, and lifestyle modifications.

At Endeavour’s student clinic, Naturopathy consultations are essentially divided into five parts. This is to ensure that your student practitioner is collecting all the relevant information and working with their clinic supervisor to come up with the best treatment solution for your specific needs.

First stage: Initial chat

During the first part of the consultation and after your initial introductions, your student practitioner will have a discussion with you about your presenting health complaints and the primary focus for treatment. The student practitioner will ask you questions about your health complaint, as well as a series of questions relating to other body systems, medical history, family health history, diet, lifestyle, and medications (if applicable).

By taking your case and collecting as much information on your health history as possible, your student practitioner will have a better understanding of you and your health. This makes all the difference when it comes time to formulate your treatment plan and prescription.

Second stage: Assessing your vitals

Depending on your current health concerns (and with your permission), the student practitioner may perform a series of physical examinations. This typically involves taking your blood pressure, having a look at your nails, tongue, and eyes, or assessing your pulse or respiration rate.

Third stage: Holistic assessment

Once your student practitioner has completed taking your case, you will return to the clinic’s reception/waiting area whilst the student practitioner reviews and assesses all the information gathered and discusses your case with their clinic supervisor. During this time, the student practitioner will create your treatment plan and a prescription. The treatment plan outlines your health priorities and goals, as well as any dietary and lifestyle recommendations the student practitioner provides as part of your treatment. The prescription may include a personalised liquid herbal formula, flower essence remedy, herbal tea or topical cream, and/or nutritional supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, or powders.

Fourth stage: Treatment plan debrief

Your student practitioner will collect you from the waiting area and bring you back into the consultation room where they will discuss with you the treatment plan and prescription they have created for you. This is the part of the consultation where you have your final chat with the student practitioner and have the opportunity to ask any questions about your treatment plan and/or prescription.

Fifth stage: Receive your remedies

If you are taking home a prescription, this will be prepared for you in the student clinic’s dispensary. Once the prescribed remedies have been prepared they are ready for you to take home. Your student practitioner will accompany you to the reception area where you can pay for your consultation and remedies, and make a booking for your next appointment.

This marks the end of the consultation.

And that’s it, the Naturopathy consultation demystified!

If you are interested in having a Naturopathy consultation at the Endeavour Wellness Clinic, learn more at or call 1300 859 785 to book your appointment at your local campus clinic.

Elisa Franklin

Elisa is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), certified Fertility Awareness Educator and founder of Wholesome Wellness. She is also a Naturopathy student currently completing her final semester of studies at Endeavour College in Adelaide. Elisa has a special interest in women’s health and natural fertility education.

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