Natural Health Heroes: Using science to find a new groove in nutrition

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 27 August, 2019

When Meredith East-Powell started her Nutrition degree at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, she was concerned about how she’d go with the science. As it turns out, she liked it a lot.

“I hadn’t studied much science before,” she said. “But I was interested and keen to learn. I did all my foundation subjects. I did all my tutorials, and I started to enjoy science. It surprised me!”

Meredith’s health sparked her interest in nutrition. She experienced first-hand how nutrition has the power to improve your health and could see the prevalence of lifestyle and diet-related conditions. It inspired a career change.

Previously she had a long career in business, banking and the retail sectors. “It was a shock to the system to be studying again, and my first year at Endeavour was challenging,” she said. “Thankfully, some of my skills were transferrable, and I was able to start studying part-time and do some online subjects. That made the transition easier, so by the end of the first year, I was in the groove.”

“The lecturers at Endeavour are mostly clinicians, and because you’re in smaller classes, you get to know them, and they share their experience and knowledge, which is extremely valuable,” Meredith said. “Many are continuing their studies as well. Their experience and education add value to their teaching. They might challenge your learning, but they also always have time to explain things you don’t understand.”

To begin with, Meredith worked part-time and studied Nutrition part-time. She soon decided that she wanted to speed things up. “As a mature-aged student, I wanted to get out into the industry, so I’ve studied full-time for the last two years.”


Meredith thought she’d go straight into practice when she finished. Now in her final semester, her career aspirations have expanded along with her knowledge.

“I’m ready to start practising as a nutritionist, but there are other opportunities I’m also considering, such as moving into research, continuing my studies or applying my business skills in this industry – or all in different combinations,” she said.

On Meredith’s blog, she shares recipes for people with food intolerances and news on endometriosis and gut health. She is also actively involved in QENDO, a not-for-profit dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for women with endometriosis. “I’m particularly interested in endometriosis and gut health, so I know I’ll use my skills and knowledge in these areas.”

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