Future of Wellness: Travelling far to acquire top-quality remedial massage skills

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 19 October, 2022


Far from her hometown of Osaka in Japan, physiotherapist Hikari Mizunami is refining her skills at Endeavour in Sydney. Hikari shares why she travelled to Australia to study and what it’s like to be an international student.

“The first time I came to Australia, I studied English and had the opportunity to visit hospitals and a physiotherapy clinic, so I saw the difference between the Australian and Japanese medical systems,” Hikari explained. “In Australia, I learnt various massage techniques, including remedial, Swedish, pregnancy, foot, hot stone and deep tissue, from physiotherapists and a chiropractor. It was such a memorable experience.”

“In Japan, I worked as a physiotherapist in an acute care hospital. There, I realised it is important to acquire knowledge about preventive medicine and healthcare, not just emergency care.”

“Australian manual therapy, including remedial massage and musculoskeletal treatment, is said to be amongst the highest quality in the world,” Hikari said. “There are only a few places where I can study remedial massage in Japan, and because I’d had such a great experience before, I decided to return.”

“I have been a physiotherapist in Japan for ten years. Remedial massage is one of the techniques performed by physiotherapists. I value the power of manual therapy, which can rectify physical ailments using hands-on techniques. I can use it to evaluate and respond to individual conditions.”

“While I had a little experience in remedial massage, I wanted to learn more because I think it is an indispensable skill,” Hikari said. “I believe that Endeavour’s remedial massage course will help me expand my experience and increase my skills and knowledge of various techniques. Then, I can participate confidently in professional opportunities as a remedial massage therapist.”

Hikari chose Endeavour after searching for education providers online. She was also encouraged by what her ex-boss said about the Endeavour Wellness Clinic. “He was a client of the student clinic and recommended the college and the course because the students gave him high-level treatments like professional therapists.

“I like the professional environment in the student clinic. At the reception, I can learn how to greet clients and manage phone calls and appointments. In the treatment room, I like the responsibility of being a professional therapist. Although I feel slightly nervous, I enjoy giving clients massage treatments that help them feel comforted and relaxed.”

As Hikari discovered, there are not many international students currently at Endeavour. “I also wanted to study with domestic students, to get to know the local people, and it seems I am the only international student in Sydney right now,” she said. “Sometimes, I feel nervous because I am still learning English, so I have a language barrier. Studying anatomy, physiology, and remedial massage techniques in English is very challenging, even though I have a background as a physiotherapist. But my classmates are very kind. They understand me and cheer me up a lot.”

When Hikari graduates, she would like to gain further remedial massage experience working alongside Australian physiotherapists in a clinic. Then, one day, when she has honed her skills, Hikari would like to open a clinic focused on preventative healthcare.

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