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The unexpected opportunities of a naturopathy degree

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 9 August 2023

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Suzette Mason grew up surrounded by natural health enthusiasts but never thought about naturopathy as a career. As it turned out, naturopathy brought Suzette more opportunities than she could ever have imagined.

“With a Chinese Mum and an Aussie Dad, I was introduced to herbs early. But as a teen, I was more interested in business, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,” Suzette said. “At university, I did six months of psychology, but wasn’t into it and went overseas.

During six months of exploring India, Nepal and Southeast Asia, Suzette learnt about ayurvedic medicine. She also experienced digestive issues during her travels and saw a naturopath. Within two months, she was studying naturopathy in Sydney.

“Endeavour had a great feel about it,” Suzette said. “It was professional, scientific, holistic, and everyone seemed lovely. My cohort was small, and I loved it. We got so much attention from the teachers. I now work with some of my former classmates and catch up regularly with others.”

While Suzette enjoyed the Endeavour student clinic, she realised that clinical practice wasn’t for her.

“The great thing about a naturopathy degree is that it gives you so many opportunities – more than I ever expected,” Suzette said. “While I studied, I worked in a Manly health food shop. Lots of reps from supplement companies came into the store, and I remember thinking it looked like a good job.”

“After I graduated, I was working at Mr Vitamins when one of the Bioceuticals reps I knew came into the store,” Suzette said. “She was pregnant and encouraged me to go for her role. A few months later, I joined their sales team.”

“It was a great first job. I had a big territory that stretched as far as Canberra. I was on the road, helping to educate practitioners about products in clinics, pharmacies and health stores. I learnt so much about the industry.”

When Covid-19 hit, Suzette moved into an office-based role in the BioCeuticals Practitioner Support team.

“It was busy as everyone was looking for immune support,” she said. “I learnt a lot very quickly as I supported the sales team and educated internal and external customers.”

Suzette is now the manager of the BioCeuticals Practitioner Support Team and Blackmores Advisory team, where she manages eight staff who provide practitioner support and advice to consumers. She has also re-kindled an early love of skincare and, with her sister Hannah, is starting an organic, nut-free skincare brand.

“We’ve always wanted to do something together that would help people like my sister, who is anaphylactic to nuts,” Suzette said. “Many skin care products have nut oils in them. I know from my work that many people are looking for products free of allergens.

“After three years and a lot of work, it’s all coming together,” Suzette said. “We’re so excited about launching Wyuna Botanicals soon.”

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