Rise and Shine: wellness influencers share their morning routines

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 4 November, 2014

Wellspring speaks with seven Australians shaking up their industries to ask them to share the rituals which set them up for the day.

Is your morning routine serving you well? Wellspringspoke with seven Australians shaking up their industries to ask them to share the rituals which set them up for the day.

"On weekdays I wake up at 3.25am. Yes, you read that right! At 4am I have a rice milk, pea protein, banana and berry smoothie followed by an omelette or savoury mince on a piece of gluten-free toast at 7am. I aim for three 60 minute exercise classes a week – if I don’t make each class I'm kind to myself because of the hours I keep. My favourites are body pump, body combat and body balance. I also love hot yoga as it's great for the body and mind. I spend a few minutes every morning clearing my mind so I can start the day in a positive way. Breakfast radio is part of the morning routine of many people and our job is not only to entertain and inform but also to help set our listeners’ mindset for the day." Ruth De Glas is the Producer of Brisbane’s number one Breakfast Radio Show ‘Robin, Terry & Bob’ on 97.3FM. 973fm.com.au

“I usually wake up around sunrise and bring my awareness to how I feel within my body. Where I can I always eat organic. A favourite breakfast is my ‘Limitless Smoothie!’ made from eggs, coconut water, cocoa, mixed berries, banana, vital greens, flaxseed oil, honey, nuts, chia seeds and sun warrior protein. I usually find myself running laps of soft sand at Bondi Beach followed by a sauna session at Bondi Icebergs. I train at a holistic gym called Origin of Energy that promotes natural movement and strengthening the body through short workouts." Jamie is a life coach, mentor, motivational speaker and writer dedicated to spreading the message about the benefits of limitless living. jamiegonzalez.com

“I usually wake up at 6:30am and would eat some green veggies with protein and fats. Occasionally I’ll have a long black coffee with a dash of hot milk. I do some form of exercise every day, even on days when I’ve had no sleep... swimming, weights, bush jogs, surfing or stair climbing. I just scale it back if I’m feeling crap. I meditate (with a mantra) for 20 minutes – often down at the beach or in a park after exercise so I can get sun on my face. After meditation, I sit for two minutes and feel for a bit. I try to access the tone of the day that I’d like to lead. It’s just a faint feeling and then I try to hold it for as long as I can... the longer I hold it, the more grace I carry." Sarah is a New York Times best selling author of “I Quit Sugar”, blogger and wellness coach. sarahwilson.com

“I usually wake at 4:45am on weekdays as I start work early, and 6am on weekends as my son doesn't yet understand the beauty of a Sunday sleep in! I start the day with eggs, kale and avocado or a goodness and nutrient rich green smoothie. If my husband is home I will try to get out to a class or go for a run, otherwise I squeeze in a silent power session while my son has his morning sleep. I often find a way to train with my clients by doing the workout with them." Valeria is a personal trainer, health and lifestyle coach and is studying nutrition. She is the creator of the six week Fit Fest Program and co-creator of the Well Nest Kitchen. thewellnest.com.au

“I usually get up around 6.30am. I have two young children and most mornings we aim for a protein rich breakfast. My favourite at the moment is an omelette with whatever vegies we have on hand. In the morning I train at a boxing gym and do some weights afterwards. I love the fitness and reaction time combo that really keeps you on your toes and thinking! I also love walking and pilates. I also make sure I prepare lunches and clean the kitchen the night before, so it's ready for action stations in the morning." Lauren is an Olympic taekwondo gold medallist, cookbook author, blogger, motivational speaker, mum and Order of Australia Medal recipient. laurenburns.com

“I rise around 6.30am to make time for healthy rituals that set me up for the day ahead. After my morning workout I will generally have a smoothie with rice protein, berries, raw cacao, coconut milk, chia seeds and flaxseeds. Morning exercise is a must. I walk with my pup for about 45 minutes and then do a little pilates or weights with my sister in her home gym. I get some of my best ideas when exercising. Dry body brushing, burning essential oils and spending 10 minutes enjoying a cup of green tea before running out the door are also important rituals to me." Katie is one half of Sweat and Oranges, a business run by two fun loving sisters both passionate about living healthy, active lives. Katie is a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. sweatandoranges.com.au

“I get up at 6:30am, make a cup of organic herbal tea and spend 20 minutes clearing my mind, and picking a tarot card to meditate on for the day. It helps give me a focus for the day. Breakfast is usually organic granola with frozen organic berries topped with organic yogurt, black chia seeds and walnuts. I find a running task list in the morning is paramount to ensure I have daily goals to work towards." Oliver is a trainer and assessor for the College of Natural Beauty and freelance wellness writer. cnb.edu.au

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