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An advocate for biosciences and adventure in Endeavour’s academic ranks

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 11 May 2021

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Endeavour academic Patricia (Patty) Stuart-Macadam was stuck in a stuffy office during her summer holidays when she decided to apply for work on an archaeological dig in British Columbia, Canada.

She got the job, and it inspired her academic career in biological anthropology. Years later, and now in Adelaide, Australia, Patty is a passionate advocate for the biosciences and for taking on adventures.

“Many students come to Endeavour having done little or no science, and they can feel intimidated or challenged,” Patty said. “But the biosciences help us understand so much about the human experience. They are the foundation of all our courses, and it’s an honour to teach them.”

“The more we understand about human biology, the more empowered we are as individuals and as practitioners. When my clients realise I have extensive knowledge about human biology and pathology, they have greater confidence in my ability to help them. And as they learn more through me, they start to feel more empowered to heal themselves,” Patty said.

“Many Endeavour students come to the college through their health challenges or those of their family and friends. Many of our students say that as they learn and understand more about human biology, light bulbs go on for them. They start to connect dots that allow them to understand their health issues. It is so exciting for them!”

Patty was in Cambridge in the United Kingdom on a research scholarship when she first experienced homoeopathy. She was suffering from severe motion sickness, and a distant relative recommended she sought out a homoeopathic doctor in London.

“I was puzzled by the doctor’s questions and what my motion sickness had to do with the food and the weather. But I tried the remedy, cocculus indicus, prescribed by the doctor, and my symptoms disappeared. That got me interested, so I did a first aid course at the Royal London Hospital of Homoeopathy and applied my new knowledge while travelling in Egypt. When I was working at the Natural History Museum, someone left The Times newspaper on my desk. It was opened to a page where the College of Homoeopathy was advertising for new students to enrol. I did. I studied part-time and finished homoeopathy and my PhD at the same time.”

For ten years, Patty pursued her academic career in Toronto and kept homoeopathy as a side hustle, helping her immediate community for free. Yearning for blue skies and a healthier environment for their children, Patty and her husband decided to move to Australia.

“At Endeavour, I found my Australian family,” she said. “Here, I can express both my love for science and energetic medicine for the first time in my life. The team in the biosciences’ faculty is passionate about their subject and passionate about doing everything in their power to make learning a rich and rewarding experience for the students. The world desperately needs more natural health practitioners, and no matter how you end up using an Endeavour degree, the knowledge you gain will enhance your life.”

As well as teaching and practising, Patty is writing a new book. It is titled Neanderthals didn’t drink coke! Her mission is to encourage a greater understanding of the human biology behind healthy lifestyle recommendations. “By explaining the bioscience so that many people can understand it, I hope that they will choose lifestyles that minimise their risk of modern disease.”

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