Natural Health Heroes: Pursuing two careers at once with creativity and consistency

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 15 November, 2021

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Netball is Laura Scherian’s first true love, but it is followed closely by cooking. Armed with talent, determination, and a naturopathy degree, Laura pursues both with gusto from the Sunshine Coast.

“I recently started my own business, Shez’s Kitchen, and I’m gradually building it alongside playing for the Sunshine Coast Lightning in the Suncorp Super Netball league,” Laura said. “I love playing netball, but I also love creating videos, recipes and articles to share my naturopathy knowledge and my passion for cooking.

“As a professional athlete, it’s very important to have things in your life other than sport. Netball is very good at encouraging you to balance sport, work, study, family and life.”

While Laura was at the Australian Institute of Sport, she thought about studying dietetics. But the natural approach, where food is considered medicine, appealed to her more.

“Growing up, I had great role models in my parents, who home cooked meals and prepared healthy lunchboxes. I have wonderful memories of preparing food together for family BBQs and cooking with my Nan. As I got more involved in netball, I also received advice about nutrition for training and competition, and my passion for healthy food and cooking developed as my knowledge and understanding of nutrition expanded.

Laura enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour’s Brisbane campus and completed much of her degree externally while competing for Australia and then joining the Queensland Firebirds.

“Even though I mainly studied off-campus, I’ve met some beautiful people through Endeavour. The college has a great network, especially among practitioners.

“Originally, I wanted to practice when I graduated, but during the student clinic, I realised it wasn’t for me. You can go in so many different directions with the knowledge you gain in this degree.”

While she studied and played netball, Laura also worked part-time at Flannery’s Organic & Wholefood Market. After her degree, she moved into a management role there, which opened her eyes to what’s possible in the natural health industry.

“In netball, you have to be both creative and consistent. It’s the same in business. I want to inspire other people to feel confident in the kitchen and enjoy cooking nutritious meals that support them to do whatever else they’re doing in life. I hope that shines through in my business,” Laura said.

While Laura is busy with her business and a new puppy, she’s considering an MBA and would love to own a café or restaurant on the Sunshine Coast one day. But for now, she’s still got more netball to play.

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