Natural Health Heroes: Making time for tea with nutritionist Angela Emmerton

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 9 December, 2019

Clinical nutritionist Angela Emmerton is the sort of person you’d like to have a cuppa with – not just because she makes tea blends – but because she’s done some amazing things in her life. Like providing nutrition advice to Todd Sampson in preparation for his TV series, Body Hack, being an ambassador for That Sugar Film and flying around the world to design premium airport lounges.

“Everything you do in life makes up who you are,” Angela said. “You’ve got to keep evolving. I’m focused now on women’s health and hormones, particularly in helping women to navigate through menopause and peri-menopause using food as medicine. Menopause is called ‘the change of life’ because it signals a transition, but it’s not one that we openly talk about or embrace in our culture. I’m advocating for this to change. I love working with women to create and maintain balance and vitality in their lives.”

Angela’s experience with balance, or lack of it, helps her to connect with her clients. “I worked in high-pressure corporate roles for over 20 years,” she said. “I started in the fashion industry in Northern England and finished up in Australia, responsible for the design and development of airport lounges. I wouldn’t think twice of flying from Sydney to Los Angeles return for business, without even sleeping in a hotel. Of course, it led to burnout. I went on a health retreat and had a light bulb moment about my career and my health.”

“I started working in not-for-profit and studying part-time,” Angela said. “Going to Endeavour was a deliberate choice. I did my research, spread-sheeted my results, and picked three colleges to interview. Endeavour was the only one that offered a degree-level course and answered all of my questions professionally.”

“It had been a long time since I was in a classroom, and to begin with, I was fearful. But I had fabulous lecturers, and I loved the study,” Angela said. “Being able to work in the student clinic, supervised by professionals in the industry, who had so much knowledge, was wonderful.”

After her studies, Angela started in private practice, sharing space in the clinic of a senior lecturer at Endeavour, Mim Beim. “I thought I’d advise lots of corporate employees with burn-out,” she said, “But actually, I’ve had so many different opportunities to use my new skills.”


Being an Ambassador for That Sugar Film led Angela to discover her passion for public speaking. She regularly speaks at businesses, hospitals, schools and community groups. She has worked with Dr Peter Brukner, a world-renowned sports medicine clinician and until recently the team doctor for the Australian cricket team, on a SugarbyHalf event, teaming up with the likes of Peter Fitzsimmons and Commando Steve.

Through her business, Nutritional Matters, Angela is now opening up the conversation about menopause. She talks at local health practitioners’ events, runs a six-week program called WELL BALANCED women 40 and beyond, and sees clients one-on-one or via Skype. “It’s so important that the message gets out there about how much we can do to look after our health naturally,” Angela said.

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