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How Angelica-Hazel found her niche naturally in women’s health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 1 September 2020

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Like many people changing their career, Angelica-Hazel Toutounji tested the waters first, dipping her toes into some online subjects before feeling the pull and diving headfirst into a natural health degree.

“My catalyst came from two things – working long hours in a high-stress role as a travel agent and my mother being diagnosed with cancer for the second time,” Angelica-Hazel said. “I realised there had to be a better way to help others.

“The good thing about Endeavour is that you can ease yourself in. I started with online subjects, but as soon as I realised that I wanted to complete a degree, I enrolled in full-time study at the Adelaide campus. I began with Naturopathy and loved the herbs, but in the middle of my degree, I switched to nutrition, thankfully before I started in the student clinic. I wanted to make nutritional medicine the focus of everything I do.

“I loved studying at Endeavour and miss my time there. I didn’t come from a science background, so the degree was challenging, especially bioscience. But I had lecturers who inspired me. Endeavour is what you make it,” Angelica-Hazel said. “If you put the effort in to foster relationships, you will not regret it.”

“For the past couple of years, I’ve been specialising in women’s health and working alongside one of my amazing clinic supervisors. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share a clinical space with her and for us to support each other with our different skills,” she said.

As a young mother with a toddler and another baby on the way, Angelica-Hazel has found her niche naturally. “I guide women with their nutrition from pre-conception through pregnancy to welcoming their children. I love getting text messages from my clients with their pee stick photos or having clients tell me, with tears of joy in their eyes, that they’re pregnant.

“I love that my clients are in the same life stage as I am and I feel I’ve found my niche,” Angelica-Hazel said. “One day, I’d like to merge my travel background with natural health to host retreats. I was all set to run my first health retreat this year, but with the COVID-19 restrictions, we had to postpone it. “As soon as it’s safe to travel again, we’ll promote the new dates.”

In the meantime, as well as caring for her growing family and clinic, Angelica-Hazel runs a tea business called Saha Botanica Organic Tea. It started with making hand-blended tea for her cousin’s café but has evolved to a range including a women’s health range stocked by a major supermarket. And, because she loves learning, Angelica-Hazel plans to study a Master in Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health. “Just not right now – life is a bit crazy busy,” she laughed.

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