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From the health food store to creating a career that works around her lifestyle

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 17 October 2022

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A part-time job in a health food store during high school sparked Riannon Page’s interest in naturopathy and its potential to change lives. The more she investigated, the more she wanted to know.

“I never grew up around natural medicine,” Riannon said. “If we got sick, we went to the doctor. But here was another way of looking at health and wellness, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.”

Originally from the Central Coast, when she was 21, Riannon decided to study naturopathy at Endeavour in Sydney. “While studying full-time, I also managed health food outlets in Sydney. At one point, I did one less subject because I was working three jobs.

“The experience I gained in health food stores helped me in business later. You also get used to answering questions on your feet, and what I was learning at college was reinforced on the job.”

“I loved the practical side of studying at Endeavour, especially when we started the clinical subjects and go to connect with clients. In a health food store setting, people often look for a quick fix. What I love about naturopathy is spending time getting into the nitty gritty with each person. Intuition is so important. I love getting a feel for the person I work with.”

After Riannon graduated, she went to work for a major thyroid clinic in Sydney, gaining more experience before she decided to start her own venture – Mungbean Health.

“I was six months pregnant, and I thought I would see how it went. Things just got busier,” Riannon laughed. “Ten months after going out on my own, I had hired another naturopath and another four dispensary staff. We keep getting great results for our clients, so I plan to employ another full-time naturopath and then we can help even more people.

“When I’m recruiting, I have a soft spot for Endeavour graduates because I enjoyed my learning experience, and I know the teaching standards are high,” she said.

Riannon chose to focus her business on fertility for men and women, although she says women are usually the first to pursue health support. She also provides naturopathic care for women and their children during postpartum, a period that she believes is often missed in modern medicine.

She moved back to the Central Coast with her family for a more natural beach lifestyle and set up two offices and a dispensary. Riannon now consults with her clients only via video or phone. “This works well for my clients because they can join me from the comfort of their own home without additional anxiety, travel or childcare arrangements. I can offer early or late appointments that work for their circumstances.

“With two children of my own, I’m in the thick of it just like many of my clients. I feel so lucky that this is my life and that I have built a rewarding career around my lifestyle,” Riannon said.

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