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Natural Health Heroes: Forging her path in Naturopathy in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 27 November 2019

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Lexie McPhee fell into Naturopathy quite by accident. She had never been to a Naturopath and never knew anyone who had. How did she get started?

“It was a slightly impulsive decision,” Lexie said, “But it was the greatest decision in my life. I was a semester into another degree, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I saw a Google ad for an Open Day at Endeavour in Melbourne and decided to go.”

“I immediately loved the atmosphere on campus, and I could see the possibilities. I sat in all the lectures, but it was the samples of herbs that won me over. I signed up for a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) that day,” she said.

Lexie deferred her other course and gave herself a semester to see how she went. Sitting in biochemistry for the first time, she thought to herself, “what have I done?” But she also met her best friend in the same class that day and the science got easier!

“At Endeavour, smaller class sizes and more contact time with classmates and lectures make it easier to get to know people,” Lexie said. “You can also tap into the lecturers’ knowledge and clinical experience. They are encouraging, and there is always extra academic support if you need it.”

Although Endeavour opened her eyes to many different opportunities, Lexie knew early on she wanted to practice.

“I loved student clinic and getting hands-on to treat people,” she said. “Before I finished studying, I had done my business plan and saved to open my business. It’s easy to get distracted by ‘shiny objects’, but I stuck to only buying what I needed to get started. I discovered Tammy Guest and her natupreneur network, which gave me a lot of business support.”

To build her client base, Lexie began by doing home visits and online treatments. One of her goals was to live in the hills, and when she came across a clinic in Sassafras in the Dandenong Ranges, she rented it. “We’re surrounded here by nature, and it’s a healing place to come. Most of my clients are locals, but I also receive lots of referrals from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.”

Lexie loves to help women feel their best in the skin they’re in. “I had chronic acne, and I know herbal medicine can make a huge difference. Being able to share my own experience is reassuring for others.”

Her big dream is one day to open a multimodality clinic with an acute herbal dispensary out the front. “A career in natural health is what you make it,” Lexie said. “You can forge your own path. It’s all possible!”



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