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Finding a healthier career path in nutrition

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 16 May 2023

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Following her passion for health and helping others, Kristy Emmett chose a nursing career after high school. But a few years into her career, Kristy’s health began to decline, setting off alarm bells. It took several more years before she decided to trade nursing for a healthier profession.

“In my early twenties, I experienced burn-out, gut and hormonal issues. I went down the traditional route of tests and investigations because that is what I knew,” Kristy said. “But nothing led to an explanation about my symptoms.

“During my nursing degree, we learnt how to recognise and treat disease, but we didn’t learn what is needed to be healthy, and I wasn’t looking after my own health at the time.

After seeing a nutritionist and a naturopath, Kristy gradually began to recover. “I recognised my body’s incredible ability to heal itself, and my whole mindset about health shifted. I no longer believed that medicine and surgery were the only way. Natural health became my obsession. I read books and dabbled in short nutrition courses,” she said.

Kristy hesitated about changing her career because of the challenges of balancing study and work, but she grew more and more disconnected from nursing. Kristy went to India for a yoga and meditation holiday, and when she came home, her mind was clear.

“Within two days of returning home, I had signed up to study nutritional medicine at Endeavour. I chose to study part-time and continued nursing part-time,” Kristy said. “If you're passionate about natural health, just go for it.”

“I’m grateful that I have many years of insight into caring for people at their most difficult and vulnerable times. Nursing teaches you valuable skills, and I draw upon all that I learnt during my nursing career – it has given me a broader spectrum of knowledge.”

“I chose to study at Endeavour because I wanted an open-minded, holistic perspective. I loved that the curriculum is based on the latest research, and the academics bring their vast experience into the classroom and the student clinic. I learnt so much through them.”

Kristy was recognised as a remarkable natural therapy student, winning an ANTA Graduate Award in 2022. She also delivered the Graduation Speech on behalf of all the graduating Endeavour students in Sydney.

She now works for a women’s health company, delivering a health program to support women to be their best and healthiest selves. She feels very optimistic about the future.

“I was happy to find a job in nutrition quickly,” she said. “I have also set up my business, Kristy Emmett Nutrition, which I want to focus on more this year. It feels so good to have left behind the high stress and shiftwork of nursing and follow my passion for holistic healthcare.”

“I want to draw upon my personal and professional experiences to help others, especially people with complex health conditions. I know it can be a dark, isolating, and disappointing road when you don't get answers about your health. I also know that there is another way to get well.”

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