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Coming home to her first loves – food and helping others

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 1 November 2022

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Georgia Barnes is the first to say that her nutrition degree has taken her to many different places. From corporate sales to TV personality to food and wellness festivals and education, Georgia has seized every opportunity to inspire people to see the beauty in food and cook wholesome meals.

“Right now, I run my own business as a nutritionist and food educator, contracting to early learning centres,” Georgia said. “Designing menus and working with early educators, chefs and families is wonderful because we can start at the beginning of someone’s understanding of food.

“I’m very grateful for my Endeavour qualifications. With them, I can help more people become connected with food and help them understand its importance for their wellbeing. My career spans two industries – food and wellness and involves so much creativity.”

Georgia’s career almost took a different path. After school, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

“Thankfully, I took a break to travel and reflected on what was important to me – helping people and delicious food. When I got home, I went to an Endeavour Open Day and signed up on the spot. I didn’t realise that university could be that cool or that you could have a career aligned with your passion. I think if it feels right, you’re meant to be there. When I go to Open Days now, I say to students, ‘don’t get freaked out by the subject line-up. If it is your passion, you’ll make it happen.’”

Georgia is an ambassador for Endeavour. “It’s humbling to have this role, and it’s not hard to endorse something I believe in. I know Endeavour is the crème de la crème of natural health and wellness institutions, and natural health is so needed in our communities. We are shifting towards a more integrative health model, where natural and Western medicine works together.

“My favourite subject at Endeavour was food as medicine, and I loved creating meal plans and writing recipes to help treat different conditions. But as a nutritionist, when I found when my clients came for their next consultation, they hadn’t made the meals. People didn’t have the confidence to make meals from scratch, which got me thinking about how to change this mindset.”


After her stellar performance on MasterChef, Georgia has travelled the country presenting on TV shows, and doing cooking demonstrations onstage at food and wine festivals and private workshops. “Hospitality brings people together, and live activations at free community events are one of my favourite ways to talk about food and nutrition.”

Recently, Georgia was the Head of Food and Nutrition at Eden Health Retreat, one of Australia’s leading luxury health resorts. Now, with her kitchen renovation almost complete, she is about to embark on another project, inspiring home cooks to become more confident and conscious in the kitchen through a digital platform.

“Think of it as a cooking school from my kitchen, where anyone can cook along with me at home. Together, we are going to transform simple, wholesome ingredients into the most delicious dishes.” You can hear her spirit soar as she says this.

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