Life after Endeavour, Part 2: How to build your confidence

Written by Dannielle Illingworth | 9 May, 2022

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One thing I loved about studying Naturopathy at Endeavour was how varied our subjects were. We were able to delve into and learn about herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practices, and so much more.

All of these gave me a yearning for knowledge — I wanted to know everything about everything and help everyone possible. And so, fresh out of College, I found myself enrolling in every seminar, workshop and webinar I could find. I did seminars on fibromyalgia, MTHFR, fertility, SIBO - the list goes on! I was desperately trying to gather as much information (and as many certificates) as I could. I even considered going back to uni for more study, and was often searching for new courses and diplomas online that could add to my existing knowledge.

What I realised after a couple of years was that I was searching for the next certificate or course in an attempt to find confidence in my skills as a naturopath. A part of me was afraid that I didn’t know enough, or that I wasn’t “good enough” yet, so I kept searching for more courses and more training.

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, niching really helped me gain confidence in my skills as a naturopath. It allowed me the choice to focus on a particular area of wellbeing, rather than trying to ‘fix’ everyone and everything. But the next piece of the confidence puzzle was about simply making the decision to trust in what I already knew.

I had to remind myself that after four years of full-time study, I knew enough to help my clients. I didn’t need another course or another certificate in order to truly help people.

So I stopped chasing after every course and seminar. I stopped trying to learn everything - that’s totally impossible anyway! And I started focusing on my niche, and on the clients that were walking through my clinic door. Every new client presented with something slightly different, and I really enjoyed researching each individual case and learning new information as I did. And my clients loved the fact that I spent time on their cases, and treated them as an individual.

I still love learning, and I always will. And of course, it’s essential in our field that we stay up to date with the latest research and treatment options. The difference is that we can choose to learn and grow professionally, in areas that are of most interest to us and most helpful for our clients - rather than desperately seeking a course or certificate that makes us feel confident in ourselves and our work.

Confidence is an inside job. There is no course or certificate that can give you that. Endeavour sets you up with everything you need to really make a difference in your clients’ lives and also provides you with all the research skills you need to learn anything else along the way.

If you’re a new graduate and you can relate to any of the above — I get it! I’ve been there. It is easy to convince yourself that you just need one more certificate before you take the big leap and start seeing clients, or before you set up your own business as a naturopath. Whatever it is you’re procrastinating on, a new course won’t get you there.

Endeavour sets you up with everything you need to be a successful naturopath and create lasting changes in your clients’ lives. You just need to take a deep breath, remember how much you’ve learnt already, and take the first step forward. Focus on your niche, stay up to date with the things that interest you, and turn your attention toward that client sitting in front of you.

You can help them more than you know.

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