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Natural Health Heroes: Letting her journey into the health and wellness industry take its course

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 2 March 2020

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When Caitlin Stores departed Sydney for Fort Lauderdale in Florida, she took her natural health studies with her and loved the experience.

“I did a lot of my degree while I worked as a yacht stewardess, sailing all over the world,” Caitlin laughed. “I remember submitting assignments from Guatemala and catching up on a week’s lectures on my days off in The Bahamas. It was incredible, and Endeavour made it possible.”

When Caitlin left school, she completed various courses, but never really found her place until she developed a passion for health and wellness.

“I loved cooking and got really into healthy food, so I started a Nutritional Medicine degree at Endeavour,” Caitlin said. “About a year and a half in, my boyfriend and I decided to head overseas, and I took my studies with me! I kept going with Nutritional Medicine as long as I could. Then I transferred to the Complementary Medicine degree, which is 100 per cent online. It meant I could stay overseas and keep studying. The transfer was easy, and I got credit for units I’d already done.”


Caitlin knew she wanted to be in the wellness industry, but she didn’t know where or how. “I’d come to the conclusion that clinical practice wasn’t for me,” she said. “But I just wasn’t sure where I fitted in. The Complementary Medicine degree gave me a taste of all the modalities. It showed me that there is more to the wellness industry than being a practitioner in a traditional clinical setting.”

While living in Florida, Caitlin discovered infrared saunas for the first time. “The wellness industry in over there is always a little ahead,” Caitlin said. “There are infrared sauna studios all over the States. When I returned home to Sydney, I realised there was a gap in the market here, and the idea for Wildfire Wellness was born.”

After Caitlin graduated in 2017, she launched her business – Wildfire Wellness – with her sister, Larissa. Wildfire Wellness is an infrared sauna studio, offering a relaxing and healing sauna experience within a mindfully curated retail space. “Having the flexibility to travel, work and study have definitely shaped our business and the way we run it,” she explained.

Caitlin has some advice for other natural health students. “I think it’s important not to box yourself into what you think you ‘should’ be doing with your studies. Do your research and think big. The wellness industry is full of opportunity, and there are so many ways to be involved in it.”

Natural Health Heroes

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