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Recipe: Leftover pasta salad

Written by Heike Hohaus | Thursday, 27 February 2020


The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it can be flexible and ingredients can easily be substituted, depending on what you have leftover in the fridge.

Where possible, we at Ambrosia Nutrition try to minimise food waste whilst creating a wholesome and flavoursome meal. The dressing is natural and has been made with kefir (home kits available) which is a natural source of probiotics (so, great for your gut).


  • 250g Greens – I used bok choy, curly salad, rainbow chard and rocket
  • 100g Corn kernels cut from cob or can
  • 2 medium beetroots, boiled and sliced – I used some pickled beetroot I made some a couple of weeks ago
  • ½ cup celery and carrot, chopped
  • Any fresh herbs you have. I used chives, parsley, dill
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • ½ cup kefir and sprinkle with paprika


  1. Add the above to your favourite cooked 125g pasta (pulse pasta was used in this recipe).
  2. Stir to combine and top with chopped sundried tomato or use capers, olives, anchovies or gherkin for that salt kick!

Get creative and enjoy!

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Heike Hohaus

Growing up in country North Germany, I was drawn to hospitality doing a 3-year apprenticeship and then worked in some amazing places such as the Wallis in Switzerland. I developed an even stronger passion for food and people and once migrated to Australia studied nutrition.

Now I run a nutritional medicine practice and healthy cooking classes in suburban Melbourne. I also teach advanced nutrition subjects at ECNH and supervise clinics. My focus is strongly on food as medicine first.

Volunteering with our local Cardinia Food Movement is another keen interest of mine, bringing a healthier, more delicious and sustainable as well as fairer food system about. We are currently delivering free cooking demonstrations to bring basic cooking skills back into our population as heard on SBS German Radio.

In my spare time I enjoy growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Fermenting and preserving those keeps me busy and our tummies full of goodness outside the season. I live with my husband and 6 chooks with my two grown-up children occasionally visiting.

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