How to use social media to create a successful nutrition business

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 29 August, 2018

With close to 30,000 Instagram and 8,000 Facebook followers, Hayley Richard’s dessert business, Raw Karma, is thriving. Here, the nutritionist shares five social media approaches that she’s learnt from experience to put you on track and improve social engagement for your brand. 

“Whether you like social media or not, you’ve got to use it,” Hayley says. “While I studied nutrition, I never pictured myself working in a clinic. I started to dabble in raw desserts, without any awareness that it’d take off. It was well before being vegan was even a trend. I was just fascinated that you could make indulgent treats filled with nutrients rather than additives. I wanted to share them quickly and easily with people beyond my family and friends, so I used social media. I had found my niche and then my business, Raw Karma, grew from that passion.”  

“I loved social media from the beginning,” says Hayley. “I enjoy the process of designing a post.” Instagram, in particular, appeals to Hayley’s creative side and she has always showcased her eye-catching sweet products online. “I’m a self-taught photographer and I love creating food and making aesthetically-pleasing photos to share,” she says. “I also enjoy the recognition and instant feedback I receive for my handiwork. It gives me insight into my customers’ perspectives.” 

From choosing the right social media platform to sharing only what resonates with you, Hayley says there’s no need to compromise your image or mimic others. “The quality of my products and images has evolved over time and that’s really cool to see. You’ve got to stay authentic or people will see right through it,” she says. “My business didn’t start with money-making in mind. But, by staying authentic and consistent, you’ll do well.” 

Hayley sold her raw treats to Adelaide cafes, at the markets and via private orders. She has created eBooks, which she also sells via her website, and she runs raw food workshops for herself and other businesses. Her latest adventure is creating plant-based grazing platters. “Through social media, I've made many connections,” she said. “It opened a lot of doors, allowed me to explore different opportunities and to collaborate with different brands.” 

“Social media is how I market my business,” Hayley explains. “The best thing is that it’s relatively cheap and very effective. You can drive traffic to your website and lift your search engine ranking. You can reach people you’d never expect, including people overseas. You can generate leads and find new business partners. You just need to think outside the square, stay open to learning and know your industry.” 

Hayley says working for yourself can get lonely when there’s no one to keep you accountable or inspired but, she has founded many friendships with like-minded people online. “Find out which businesses complement yours but aren’t direct competitors and then show them love on social media,” Hayley says. “We’re all in this together and you never know when you’ll need an ally.” 

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