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How to make lavender lozenges

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 22 May 2014


Endeavour College shares the recipe for its popular lavender lozenges after many requests.


Infuse 30g of dried lavendula flowers in 300 ml of boiling water for five minutes. Strain and press.

Measure the volume of liquid obtained, and add double the quantity of sugar e.g. for 250ml liquid add 500g sugar

Add 1 tsp cream of tartar.

Dissolve over low heat while stirring. Bring to gentle boil, careful not to go over 150oC

DO NOT STIR once boiling. Boil until mixture is straw coloured or when drips of mixture harden like toffee when added to cold water.

Pour into moulds lightly oiled or into paper patty pans.

Recipe adapted from Adams, J & Tan, E 2006, Herbal Manufacturing: How to make Medicines from Plants, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, Preston, Vic, Australia. p.67.

Herbal medicines should not be self-prescribed to treat illness. If you have a sore throat or other illness, please seek advice from a qualified practitioner.

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