Future of Wellness: using her zest for learning to help others grow healthy minds and bodies

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 28 September, 2020

Melissa Salmon

Before she started a Naturopathy course at Endeavour, Melissa Salmon studied psychology at a big university in Queensland. Although she enjoyed the degree, Melissa felt something was missing.

“I was interested in studying psychology because I want to work in a profession that helps people,” she said. “However, in my final year, I was in a subject that included guest speakers with mental health disorders. They would speak about their conditions and, as I listened intently, I realised that they often had long medication lists, moving from one drug to another trying to find one that worked. Of course, medication is important, but I started to think about the basics of health. Were they getting enough water? Did they eat well? Did they exercise? And at that moment, I realised I was in the wrong field.”

Melissa finished psychology and enrolled in a Naturopathy course at Endeavour. She took a break between degrees to work in health stores and cafes and travelled throughout Europe. Back home, she started Naturopathy full-time, as well as studying part-time while she got married and did her yoga teacher training certification. She is now in her final year and is about to embark on her final subjects in the student clinic.

“Biochemistry beats psychology statistics subjects for difficulty,” she laughed. “But it helps that Endeavour is a smaller university, and you build relationships with the lecturers. They are the most amazing part of the College. They have such passion and bring incredible energy to their teaching. The Endeavour lecturers guide and mentor you throughout your studies.”

During her teenage years, Melissa experienced a great loss when her father passed away after being ill with cancer. “It made me an empathetic person. At Endeavour, I realised that everyone has been through difficulties and it can contribute to their health down the track. Now, I am really interested in investigating fatigue states from general tiredness to chronic fatigue. And, partly because of my Dad, I also want to help men open up about their health and seek out a natural health professional who can work with them to improve their wellbeing.”

After she finishes her Naturopathy degree, Melissa plans to gain some experience before launching her own business incorporating natural health, movement, yoga and the garden. “Everything works in unity! I’m very excited about working in the industry and helping as many people as possible. I have a great zest for learning, and I feel that Naturopathy involves a lifetime of learning and growing.”

Melissa is already helping local people start their day off well with a substantial breakfast. With her husband, she has co-founded a granola business, Complete Granola, which is already available in select stores in Brisbane and online.

Future of Wellness

The Future of Wellness series features stories from current Endeavour students around the country. From where they started to where they are now to where they are headed, we celebrate their unique stories and perspectives.

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