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A perfect time to turn his artistic skills to the science of food and nutrition

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 12 January 2021

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Jude Interino has always liked eating, but after attending a seminar by a natural supplement company, he got thinking about food as something more.

“The seminar inspired me to explore whole foods and the concept of food as medicine,” Jude said. “I found Endeavour in a Facebook post a few years ago. I’d thought about studying nutrition before, but I was waiting for the perfect time. After the seminar, I decided there was no perfect time, that passion was passion, and I called Endeavour to enrol.”

Originally from the Philippines, Jude is working part-time in a pharmacy, one of the last ones to print photos, as a photography assistant and studying nutrition part-time at Endeavour’s Perth campus.

“I like the campus – it’s smaller than my previous university, and you get to know lots of different people from your classes and different years and cohorts,” Jude said. “The lecturers are friendly and very particular about their teaching. The students relate well to them.”

“Coming from an arts background, I wondered how I’d manage the science in the natural health degree. At first, it was challenging, but I found it fascinating – especially biology and anatomy. It just came naturally.”

The most challenging for Jude is time management. “Working part-time and studying part-time, I get up at 5am to study before I start work at 8.30am,” he said. “In the evening, it’s harder to focus on study. Endeavour’s online learning made it easier to fit in study and work, especially during COVID-19 when pharmacies got busier.”

This year, during the lockdown, Jude turned his hand to growing an edible garden in his backyard. He started with organic broccoli seeds, which he ordered online. “Now, I’m growing spinach, pumpkin, borlotti beans, Japanese turnip and Chinese cabbage,” he said. “I’m integrating my garden into my cooking, blog and photography.”

“One day, I hope to find a career mixing my multimedia degree with my nutrition degree. Or maybe I will juggle clinical practice in a multi-modality clinic with being a product content developer,” Jude said. “There are lots of options.”

Future of Wellness

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