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How going digital has improved learning for this regional and remote student

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 5 November 2020

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The move to online learning as a result of COVID-19 was a godsend for naturopathy student Tara Hansen. As a single mother of three young boys, living in the remote coastal town of Busselton, Western Australia and studying full-time, Tara embraced the opportunity to learn from home.

“Before COVID-19, I was travelling three hours to Perth and three hours back every week to study,” Tara said. “I’m grateful to my partner, family and friends who welcomed me into their homes and helped me with the boys.”

“Endeavour did an amazing job adapting during COVID-19. As a regional student with responsibility for my children, I love that I can be there via Zoom with my lecturers and classmates, absorbing the knowledge without having to travel,” Tara said. “If one of my kids is sick, I can still listen, or I can catch up later. I’ve found Endeavour’s blended learning options so valuable.”

Before deciding to study, Tara owned and ran an Ella Bache beauty salon for years. About nine years ago, her father died from cancer. He was a happy-go-lucky, optimistic person, and his passing pushed Tara on her health journey.

“My Dad embraced life, and I took this on board. We only have one life, so let’s get on with it. I started to look into Naturopathy and thought, ‘what have I got to lose?’ I had always looked after people in the beauty industry, and naturopathy felt like a natural follow-on,” Tara said. “As soon as I started studying, I knew it was for me.”

Tara started her studies at another college, which went into liquidation in 2018. “Endeavour was awesome in welcoming the students who wanted to continue studying,” she said. “I did verbal exams, so they could assess my learning, and I haven’t looked back since.”

“I am determined and organised because I have to be. Each week, I have our menu and clothes planned, and I stick to my study planner,” Tara said. “I love being a mum, and sometimes, I feel sad when I miss out on time with my boys. But I know I’m teaching them good values. I’m showing them that you can do anything if you work hard at it.”

When Tara started naturopathy, her goal was to assist people in having cancer treatment. As time went on, she found different areas of health appealed to her. “I’m much more open to what will be. Endeavour is supportive and professional, and I’m confident that by the time I graduate, I’ll be ready to practise alongside some of the amazing naturopaths down south.”

Future of Wellness

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