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Future of Wellness: finding natural answers to health questions for herself and others

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 16 February 2021

future of wellness

When Brittany Elliott left school in Adelaide, her parents were adamant that she went to university and so, she did. But while she was studying for a business degree, she was thinking about nutrition.

“I have always been very active and health-focussed and I had a friend studying nutrition, so I decided to look into it. When I enrolled in nutrition at another university, I was a bit nervous,” Brittany said. “Then, less than a year before I finished that degree, I switched again – this time to Endeavour. I know now that I have found my passion and place!”

“The transition to Endeavour was incredible. I went from a lecture theatre of 500 people to a classroom with 20 people, and where I could ask questions,” she said. “It made a massive difference to my learning. Rather than being in biology or chemistry with everyone who required that subject as part of their degree, I was in a class specific to my career. At Endeavour, I’m confident that everything I’m learning I’m going to use.”

Brittany decided against applying for recognition of prior learning, opting to redo the science and get a solid foundation. While she was studying nutrition, her peers introduced her to naturopathy. “It opened up a whole new world! The best of both worlds! So that I could study nutrition and medicinal herbs, I switched my degree to naturopathy,” Brittany said.

Brittany’s interest in natural health stems from her experience with Bell’s palsy – a condition that causes temporary paralysis of the muscles in the face and causes one side of your face to droop. “I had Bell’s palsy twice as a child, and the doctors couldn’t determine the cause. I didn’t accept that answer,” she said. “When it happened again about two years ago, I sought out a naturopath and worked with her to examine my life, recover and understand the potential triggers. The experience gave me a sense of closure. I also shared my journey on Instagram in the hope it helps other people.”

With COVID-19 and Endeavour moving more of its classes online, Brittany has been able to take on more part-time work and travel to see her partner in the navy. “When I’m not busy, I take on more subjects so that I can finish faster. You don’t get the opportunity to do that at other unis,” she said.

“I can’t wait to get into clinical practice. One day, I’d like to have my own business, and hopefully, help people who don’t have an answer to their illnesses.”

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