Future of Wellness: Ending up right where she wants to be in natural health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 1 March, 2022

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To not wake her 16-month-old son, Emily Carlstrom quietly explained how various life events sparked her interest in naturopathy and how grateful she is for everything that led her to study at Endeavour.

“Google is how I found Endeavour,” Emily said. “But my journey was much longer than that! I was working as an operations manager full-time for a big company. Not fully satisfied with my job, I decided to study psychology. Helping people has always appealed to me, but I didn’t know in what capacity.”

Four subjects into her Bachelor of Arts, Emily discovered it was not for her. “I took a break. I was also having issues with my menstrual cycle coming off the pill, and the doctors I saw were quite dismissive of my concerns. My Mum suggested I see a naturopath, and the experience was life-changing. After one year of working with her, I achieved amazing results and saw the power of herbal medicine. Simultaneously, I became interested in yoga, did training, and taught a few classes, but teaching didn’t suit me. That’s when I discovered Endeavour.”

“I didn’t even know naturopathy was a degree!” Emily laughed. “But I liked Endeavour from the start. The course had practical clinical hours, a great structure, and the option to transfer interstate if we needed to move.”

“Sitting in my first biochemistry class, I remember thinking, ‘What have I got myself into?’. It was overwhelming, especially for someone without a science background. Thankfully, the lecturers were so supportive,” Emily said. “I almost wish I could go back and do it all again because you don’t realise at the start that it all comes together in the end.”

In 2017, Emily started an online business called Kappi, which sells reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products and educates people about simple changes that help the planet. It became so successful that she put her naturopathy studies on hold to grow the business.

After having a baby, Emily re-evaluated her life. She decided to sell her business and return to study. After deferring for 18 months, she was nervous about going into the student clinic. “Like others, I didn’t feel ready. As it turns out, we were ready. We were also in a group with other students and supervisors, who are all so helpful and willing to share.”

Seeing clients in the student clinic reaffirmed to Emily that she was on the right path. “Clinical practice face-to-face is what I want to do, particularly to help women and children with their health.”

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