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Future of Wellness: Discovering her potential to help others while healing herself naturally

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 22 December 2020

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As a primary school teacher, Sarah Young knows well the heavy workload and expectations placed on teachers. While she loves teaching, when it started to impact her health, she knew she had to find a better way.

“I started to question what I was doing and why I had little time or energy for other things in my life,” Sarah said. “I was diagnosed with lupus and had anxiety and depression. While I was doing well at work, I was saving nothing for myself, and I couldn’t continue that way.”

About six years ago, Sarah saw an immunologist who gave her life-long medicine with lots of negative side effects. So, she sought out a naturopath’s help. As she started to feel better, Sarah made other changes in her life.

“I enrolled in a Naturopathy degree at Endeavour to help heal myself,” she admitted. “It started as a positive hobby, and I never thought of becoming a practitioner. I’ve really lived the degree. I’d take the knowledge from my lectures and think, ‘how does this apply to my health condition and my family’s.’ After three and a half years of study, I can say that my body is healthy and vibrant. Now that I feel so good, I want to share this knowledge with everyone. My outlook is completely different.”

Sarah had asked several natural health practitioners for advice before enrolling at Endeavour. “I asked them where the best quality practitioners come from. Then, one evening I was on my iPad, and I thought I’m just going to enrol and see how I go. It was a struggle to start with because financially, I needed to keep working full-time. But, once I started, I was fascinated,” Sarah said. “I put my mortgage on hold and reduced my work hours, so I could teach part-time and study part-time. It was the best choice.”

“I found some inspirational women at Endeavour. They have such knowledge and life wisdom and amazing brains. We’re lucky to have these people who are willing to give back to the community of naturopaths and guide the next generation.” Sarah said. “They brought the slides to life during lectures, and you can’t put a price on that.”

With six months to go in her degree, Sarah is a finalist in the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards 2020 the Student of the Year category. She is currently finishing her practical hours in the student clinic and loving it.

“It’s so much fun because we’re bringing together our knowledge and seeing the positive changes in clients,” she said. “I’ve started to think about how I combine teaching, which I love, with my naturopathy practice. I’d love to keep working with children and feel there’s so much potential to help them and their parents.”

Future of Wellness

The Future of Wellness series features stories from current Endeavour students around the country. From where they started to where they are now to where they are headed, we celebrate their unique stories and perspectives.

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