Future of wellness: Bringing everything you have to a new career in Naturopathy

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 7 April, 2020

After school, Claudia Milbourne studied what she was good at, not where her passion lay. Years later, in a different country and armed with valuable life and professional experience, she’s returned to her original dream.

Claudia’s grandfather was a cardiothoracic surgeon who inspired her. “I thought I’d become a doctor, but in my final year of the biomedical program at school in Brazil, I realised I was squeamish,” she said. Instead of medicine, she chose IT and carved out a successful career as a management consultant, working with some of the world’s leading firms.

Claudia’s work took her to the United States, where she met her husband. They later returned to Brazil, before moving to Australia. Stressed and alone in a new country without family and friends, Claudia sought out the help of a naturopath.

“That was my aha moment! Here was med school, minus the surgery! I went to an Endeavour College Open Day and enrolled straight away,” Claudia said. “It will take me about five years to finish, but that’s because my study has to fit with my family.”

“Studying online and on-campus has helped me to progress my studies,” Claudia said. “I didn’t want to take too long to finish because I want to start my new career as soon as possible. It is a tough decision to change careers, and I have questioned it during my studies. I can’t justify it in a financial sense, but I just know it was what I had to do.”

Claudia discovered that she loved practising in the student clinic. “I think it’s incredible to get that experience while you’re still in college.” She has also tried to attend every seminar, event and industry training on offer. “From my previous career, I know how important it is to know your industry and connect with other people in it. Networking is just as important as getting your assignments in on time,” she said.

As a result of reaching out to others, Claudia secured a volunteer position with Tammy Guest at NatEx. From there, Claudia helped Naturopath Katie Barron with her physical examination workshops for practitioners, gaining valuable experience in the delivery of live and online classes. Claudia has also trained in the management of complex cases, which boosted her confidence as a student practitioner.

In 2019, Claudia secured the Metagenics internship for Naturopathy. She asked the team what set her apart from the other applicants. “They said it was my previous experience and that I was proactively looking for opportunities outside of the classroom.” Then, just when she thought the year couldn’t get any better, the ATMS selected Claudia as a Student of the Year finalist.

“The opportunities are there, but you have to seek them out,” Claudia said. “Whatever previous skills you have, build on them, and great things will happen.”

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Future of Wellness

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