Future of Welllness: Linking together her love for health, fitness and helping others

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 20 April, 2021

When she was growing up, Annabelle Delir was puzzled by her relatives. They had various health complaints and took medications but just didn’t seem to get better. It got her thinking about why.

“As a teenager, I started to refuse medicine and researched my own remedies instead,” Annabelle said. “Gradually, this interest evolved to starting a small business in natural skincare. But first, when I left school, I completed a psychology degree and Certificates III and IV in Fitness. I wasn’t an active kid. I was overweight, and in my teenage years, I got passionate about health and fitness. I researched a lot about herbs and foods that would help me become a better athlete.”

In her honours year, Annabelle realised working in psychology would be very different from studying it. “I questioned whether I was doing the right thing for so long, and so many people told me to keep going and that I’d get used to it. But I knew it wasn’t my path,” Annabelle said. So after working for a couple of years as a counsellor, she decided to return to university – this time to study naturopathy.

“Endeavour’s degree appealed to me because of its structure and the flexibility it offered. It meant I could dip my toe in starting online. In naturopathy, I can combine my passion for natural health and fitness, my knowledge of psychology and my desire to help others,” Annabelle said. “I love that it all links together.”

“I also chose Endeavour because it consistently gets great reviews, and where the other institutions tried to lure me in, Endeavour’s Student Services team gave me honest advice about the degree and what to expect. As a student, I also find the teachers helpful and understanding. At my previous uni, you just had to get it done, no matter what. Endeavour takes into consideration every aspect of your life.”

Annabelle is now in her fourth year of study at Endeavour in Sydney. She continues to slowly grow her skincare business, Umoya Botanics, while she studies. “I can’t devote too much time to it, but it’s wonderful because I can apply what I’m learning in my business.”

One day, Annabelle would like to own a multidisciplinary clinic. She wants to help athletes manage their performance, recovery and weight. But while studying naturopathy, she’s also discovered nutrition and hasn’t ruled out including it in her holistic health repertoire.

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