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Natural Health Heroes: Finding your people and the powerful potential of Acupuncture

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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Chris Fehres’ tried to avoid acupuncture, but eventually, it caught up with him, and he couldn’t be happier about it.

“Growing up, I was always interested in Eastern philosophies and drawn to Shamanism. I started acupuncture when I was 19, but I dropped out to pursue a music career,” Chris said. “We took our rock band to Los Angeles and we were on the verge of success, when we were refused re-entry to the USA for working with tourist visas.”

“Back in Brisbane, we formed a new band – The Deported. I worked in a call centre, played music and neglected my health. After a breakdown and with my parents’ help, I sought out Jost Sauer, who uses Traditional Chinese Medicine for rehab. Before I’d even had a treatment, I realised acupuncture was the way to fix my life. The next day, I went to Endeavour and enrolled. I was 27, and I felt like I’d been given a second chance.”

Chris made study his job. “At Endeavour, I found somewhere to belong,” Chris said. “I discovered my people and a community where I had a voice and support from others. But I’d dropped out of high school, so I was worried I wouldn’t do well at college.” As it turns out, Chris did more than well. He graduated with distinction and was awarded the medal of academic excellence for the highest national achievement in acupuncture.

Based on his experience, Chris’ original goal was to help people with substance dependence in a clinic. After graduation, he worked in this field for more than a year before his love of anatomy and physiology guided him towards the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Chris converted his garage into a clinic and set up his own successful business.

While he still sees patients two days a week, Chris has also found a way to use his performance skills. He has built an online learning platform with continuing professional development courses, such as Kick-Start Your Clinic, for other practitioners.

“My main interest is investigating and sharing what happens when you put a needle in a body – with or without any accompanying philosophy. It’s part of my mission in life to show as many people as possible the powerful potential of therapeutic needling.”

Chris also tutors at Endeavour. He enjoys being part of the community helping students. If he’s got any advice for others, it is this: “Focus on the parts you love, and it’ll all work out. I could never have imagined I’d be doing what I am now when I started my studies.”

Natural Health Heroes

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