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Nicholas Beasley

With over 12 years’ of experience in both Western and Eastern medicine, it’s safe to say that Dr. Nicholas Beasley has a broad range of knowledge in the field. Gaining a vast amount of experience in his early career, Nicholas began to research and adopt a more holistic approach to training. Part of his approach involved evaluating nutritional deficiencies and internal practices, such as meditation, to help balance the stressful and toxic culture that was growing within the commercial fitness industry.

In 2017, Nicholas began his journey with Endeavour, studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture). His passion for natural medicine shone through in his studies, as he completed his degree in five years with a distinction average. Alongside his studies, he founded Wuji Medicine to help teach students and practitioners the art of Qigong and Daoyin – both healing branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2019, Nicholas started to train Chen Taijiquan weekly with Sifu Dan Mesnage, to help advance his skills and ability both in combat and in health preservation. He is now studying the Master Tung Certification in Acupuncture to advance his skills and clinical efficacy through the art of Taoist philosophy and arts.

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Nicholas Beasley

chinese medicine

A brief history of Tung Acupuncture

Master Tung Ching Chang (1916-1975) has been referred to as the most important and greatest acupuncturist in the history of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture graduate, Nicholas Beasley shares his thoughts and learnings on Tung Acupuncture.

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