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Written by Tegan Martin | 3 September, 2015

Miss Universe Australia and self-confessed health devotee Tegan Martin shares the products, services and experiences she finds most nourishing.

In WellspringMagazine we ask Australia’s leading health and wellness aficionados to share the products, services and experiences they find most nourishing... this time from Miss Universe Australia and self-confessed health devotee Tegan Martin.

Sanita – Aloe by Nature

I was looking for an aloe vera drinking gel for years and I finally found one I love. It’s not called the medicine plant for nothing! Some can taste awful but the Sanita product is infused with peach and it has honestly been the best thing for me as a liver tonic, immune boost and to soothe my gut. I was getting colds all the time when my immune system was down and this product has helped me a lot.

H2Coco Coconut Oil

There are lots of brands of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil out there but this one tastes the best and is affordable too. If I’m having a day where I’m craving something sweet, I’ll grab a spoonful of this stuff and I’ll be satisfied. I also use it on my skin, the ends of my hair and in healthy muffins, pancakes and raw cacao balls. I often mix it with almond spread and stevia and put it in an ice cube tray in the freezer to make sweet treats.

Being in nature

I find spending time in nature extremely healing and energising. As a rule I like to spend at least ten minutes outside even if it just during my lunch break. It can be as simple as taking my shoes off and walking on the grass or sand. I also love to have at least three ocean swims a week – any stress just melts away in the water. I also make it a point to train outside in the park or beach whenever I can.

Shane Suisted

I used to run a lot on treadmills to stay fit which wasn’t great for my knees, ankles or back. My chiropractor recommended strength and conditioning coach Shane Suisted who worked with me closely to build the right proportions for my body and to improve my strength. He arranged a DEXA body composition scan for me and used the results to build the perfect diet and training plan for my body. I was afraid of weights before I met Shane and now they are a regular part of my routine which has helped my health and fitness so much.

Bone broth

Making my own bone broth from scratch has really helped my overall wellbeing. My favourite uses bones, thyme, carrots, zucchini, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, celery and parsley. There are so many benefits – it has helped my skin and digestive issues since being diagnosed with leaky gut. I treat it as a food supplement and I really notice the difference with how settled my tummy is when I drink it regularly.


I use the Progurt probiotic sachets to make my own yoghurt and it has helped me completely repopulate my gut. I went through a stage where I wasn’t absorbing much from my food and this probiotic helped improve my gut health. As a result my mind is clearer and my energy is back. Previously I felt like I could sleep for 10 hours a night and still be exhausted.


I am a regular at DETOXologie, an integrated health clinic in Sydney specialising in digestive health issues. The Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions I’ve had with practitioner Fay Fain helped boost my energy and manage my stress throughout my experience with Miss Universe. She was an incredible help in supporting my adrenal glands during a very chaotic period of my life. It helped fix my candida issues and clear my mind.

About Life

I rely on my local About Life store in Bondi Junction for my weekly shop. I really feel the difference in my body when I am eating fresh wholefoods with great nutrients. These guys have everything I need under the one roof – supplements, fresh food and staples. I love the café there too – they have a buffet with organic meals, salads, snacks and raw desserts. You can fill up a box there for $12 which can cover me for the whole day.

Yoga Nidra Lite

Yoga Nidra [a state of unconscious sleep] is medicine to me. When I was competing in Miss Universe the Yoga Nidra Lite practice really helped me centre at the end of the day and get to sleep. I love that it is a short practice so that I can fit it easily into my schedule when life gets busy. It is something I can easily pick up when I need it to stop my mind wandering off.

The Jojoba Company makeup remover

The switch to natural products was an easy one when I learned about the risk of the harmful chemicals in many conventional beauty products. I wanted to find a brand that wasn’t too expensive but still offered products that smelled great. The Jojoba Company has wonderful products scented with essential oils. I particularly love their makeup remover which works really well, particularly on eye makeup.

Tegan Martin

Tegan was crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2014 and plans to use her interest in nutritional medicine, health and wellbeing to shed light on the issue of mental health issues impacting on young Australians.

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