Thank you for picking up a seeded postcard, pencil or herb pack! We hope you enjoy planting the seeds and watching them thrive.


What product did you receive?

Seeded Postcard Planting Instructions

Depending on the seed type, choose an appropriate spot to plant your seeded paper. We recommend using new seed raising mix to plant your seeded paper in.

The seeds are interspersed throughout your postcard. Simply tear it up and plant in several different places around your garden, or in multiple pots.


Plant the paper (a single layer is best) under 3-5mm of quality soil.


Water thoroughly.


Ensure the seeded paper is kept moist throughout the germination period.

Please note: We encourage responsible planting behaviour. Seeded paper is designed for domestic gardens and is not for roadside planting. Please be aware that quarantine restrictions may apply when sending seeded paper products internationally and interstate. At the time of making the handmade paper, the seed selections were able to be posted to all states and territories in Australia. This may not be the case if the seeded paper is stored for a long period of time.

Herb Packet Planting Instructions


Cut along the line to open and remove the seed packet. Sprinkle evenly over soil surface.


Keep soil moist with approximately 30 – 40mL of water daily until germination (7 – 14 days).


Ensure it gets lots of sunlight, love and attention.

Pencil Planting Instructions


Use your pencil as normal, and once done, plant it in a pot with quality soil.


Water thoroughly.


Ensure the pencil is kept moist throughout the germination period.

Plant and Herb Facts

Here are just a few facts about the plants and herbs you may have received.


Often enjoyed as a tea, chamomile may reduce menstrual pain, reduce inflammation, and help with sleep and relaxation.

Swan River Daisy

These pretty little flowers add a pop of colour to your garden. They’re low maintenance, attract birds and have a lovely scent.


Ideal for cooking, as a tea or in an essential oil, thyme may provide a positive effect on mood, help with digestive and heart health and act as a natural sore throat remedy.


A staple in cuisines around the world, oregano is rich in antioxidants and may decrease inflammation and may reduce viral infections. It’s easy to add to your diet and tastes great too.


Sage has been valued over the centuries for its culinary and healing properties. Extracts or essential oils may be used to improve memory, attention function, mood and cognitive performance.

Red Basil

Basil is a nutrient powerhouse, containing the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as Provitamin A, iron, potassium and magnesium. Nutritionists use basil medicinally for its anti-inflammatory healing properties. It’s also a tasty addition to Italian and Thai cuisine.

Flat Leaf Parsley

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, parsley has a diuretic effect and its leaves, stems and roots have antiseptic properties. The chlorophyll and essential oils in parsley freshen the breath and are thought to have an antibacterial effect.


Rosemary oil applied to the skin may be used to treat muscle pain, arthritis or to improve circulation. Traditionally, rosemary has also been used to relieve muscle pain and spasm


Known for their beautiful flowers and intense fragrance, carnations come in a range of colours. Their flowers can be used in salads or as decorations on cakes and in other desserts.


Love it or hate it, coriander is thought to have a range of health benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants, may help lower blood sugar, and may promote digestion and gut health. Use it in a variety of dishes for a flavour kick.


Easy to grow and to maintain, Forget-me-not flowers produce beautiful indigo coloured flowers which last for many months. The flowers can be edible (provided no pesticides have been used) and can be used to decorate desserts, in salads or as a garnish.

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