The Student Code of Conduct aims to foster Endeavour values and encourage active engagement between the College and the student body within the contexts of professional practice, teaching and learning, research and the life of the College community.

  • 2 minutes
  • 18 September 2018

Download the Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct that underpins the Endeavour student experience is to define the partnership that exists between students, the staff who teach them and the broader College community. This code outlines what it means to be student member of the Endeavour community and student responsibilities and expectations.

Our values guide each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers and stakeholders. All members of the Endeavour College community are expected to value:

Students First: Translating our passion for learning into the empowerment of our students by enabling them to compete and succeed when they leave our care in a way no other organisation does.

Curious: We leverage clarity and creativity and use evidence-based decision making to continuously improve. We speak the facts, and do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We ask the hard and important questions to ensure outcomes fitting our students, staff and organisation.

Delivering: We take personal responsibility by making promises we can keep and delivering on them every time. Not trying to do everything but holding ourselves and each other to account for doing the really important things, well.

Ambitious: We recognise that our success stems from balancing our commercial aspirations to grow with meeting the needs of our students, partners, staff and stakeholders.

Huddle: We recognise that our capacity to contribute as a whole is greater than the sum of our parts. By rallying around ideas, goals and challenges, we consciously find ways to bring everything we have and believe in to the table to succeed together as one organisation.

Happiness: We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to  be in the moment. As individuals we understand we carry responsibility for our own happiness regardless of the situation or context, and that in turn informs how we “show up” in the workplace.