Our top four tips to survive College life!

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 24 August, 2021

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What’s College life like? Well, usually you start the semester feeling inspired! You’re ready to learn, you’re nailing your self-care routines and feeling down-right passionate. Then come the assessments and studying becomes a little harder. Here are our top four ways to not only survive College life but thrive in it!

#1 Create a workspace you love

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Creating an effective study space is not only important, it’s essential. According to our Naturopathy student Eleni Cico, doing your best work is easier when your study space reduces stress, enhances productivity and makes you feel joyful. So! It’s time to invest in a proper chair, de-clutter your desk and try these TEN ways to create a study space you love.

#2 Know how to manage your stress

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Knowing how to manage your stress is very important as a student because let’s face it, studying can be hard! Especially when you’re trying to balance a work life, a social life and your own wellbeing. Naturopathy student Brittany Elliot has six tips on how to stay happy and calm while studying which include spending time in nature, making time to exercise and getting adequate sleep. Can you guess the other three?

#3 Get good at studying


Getting good at studying means trying new ways to retain information and to stay organised! Our Naturopathy alumna, Chelsey Costa provides a range of strategies and tips including teaching others about what you are learning, using colour, creating a study timetable and more!

#4 Boost your cognition and concentration


Supercharge that brain of yours with these super foods! Nutrition alumna Lani Finau tells us the amazing benefits of matcha, blueberries and mushrooms…Otherwise known as the recipe for a focused and motivated brain!

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