New Year's resolutions for students in 2022

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 3 January, 2022

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The start of a new year brings anticipation, hope, and excitement for the year ahead. It also brings about new promises and resolutions! If you are looking for inspiration for your new year habits, we have compiled the top five tips our students and alumni have shared from 2021 as a starting point. Happy resolution making!

#1 Create a study life balance that works for you

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Naturopathy alumna Bridget Backhouse knows what it’s like juggling work, study, and a social life! From her experience studying at Endeavour College, Bridget shares her top tips for supporting a healthy balance during your studies. Hint: don’t discount the power of nature! Find out how to create your balance.

#2 Start your business social media profile

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It’s no secret that marketing yourself is essential to attracting new clients when you want to build your business and brand post-graduation. Our Nutrition student Courtney Garfoot also holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Management, and a Bachelor of Marketing AND she runs a marketing business specific for natural health practitioners! If you want to learn tips from the expert on how to build up your profile, check out her top tips to starting out on social media.

#3 Discover a new all-natural beauty routine

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Make 2022 the year you enhance your self-care routine! Everyone wants to feel beautiful and radiant, right? Naturopath student Amy Parin shares her five favourite all-natural beauty routines that can help improve your wellbeing. Find your new routine today.

#4 Eat more veggies!


Current Naturopathy student MJ Portenski didn’t grow up loving vegetables and fresh food, in fact, she had to force herself to become a vegetarian to figure out how to cook with vegetables in every meal. After her self-enforced crash course in vegetarianism, MJ has shared her top tips for incorporating more greens in your diet. Learn to eat more vegetables.

#5 Learn some DIY Acupressure


It’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, or depressed, and you may experience these feelings while studying and juggling multiple deadlines. Our Chinese Medicine lecturer Dr Patricia Diaz has shared some of her favourite ways to use acupressure and alleviate these feelings. For 2022, you may want to learn some of these techniques to keep your mental wellbeing in check! Learn DIY acupressure.

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