Naturopath shares how her Ubud retreat dried out the competition

Written by Nina Tovey | 29 August, 2014

Endeavour graduate Kate Reardon shares how she has created the business of her dreams by applying her nutritional medicine and naturopathy skills to launch an award winning detoxification retreat in Ubud.

Endeavour graduate Kate Reardon has created the business of her dreams by applying her nutritional medicine and naturopathy skills to launch an award winning detoxification retreat in Ubud.

Voted as one of the eight ’best detox retreats around the world’ by a well known food and wellness documentary, Kate’s business Natural Instinct Healing has built a loyal client base from across the globe since launching in 2011.

Natural Instinct Healing offers a range of cleansing and yoga retreats designed to purify the body and heal the mind.

Kate came up with the idea to start a detoxification retreat after practising as a naturopath and having the strong feeling there was more she wanted to give.

“I remember my clients leaving and I’d be wishing I had more time with them to impart as much of my knowledge and awareness as possible. I also wanted to push harder and explore further outside the traditional realms of naturopathy,” said Kate.

This quest led Kate to work in Thailand where she worked as a freelance nutritionist and naturopath. It was during this phase that she had a transformational experience when introduced to fasting on a health retreat in Koh Samui.

Kate found that periods of fasting helped cure her digestive issues, acne, headaches and adrenal exhaustion, and was blown away by learning how appropriate fasting could help the body heal and rejuvenate.

After Kate returned from Asia in 2011 she found herself at a crossroads and fielding job offers from Dubai, London and Thailand. Instead she followed a pull to Bali and set up a retreat in the lush tropical setting of Ubud to help small groups cleanse their bodies and minds through a range of programs based on naturopathic principles.

“I launched Natural Instinct Healing to inspire and educate as many people as possible to make healthy choices in their lives. Not just in their diet and exercise routines but in their relationships, careers, families and spirituality. 

“It’s all about building a huge community of love and support for people that are wanting to make a change in their own lives. So many people want to be looked after and to have the space to unwind, rejuvenate and allow the body to do what it is designed do – heal itself and reconnect to the spirit,” Kate said.

“We deliberately keep our retreat sizes small so that people can have a really intimate experience and our team can provide as much personalised support as possible. We take the time to sit with our guests daily and understand the areas they need support with during their stay.”

Kate has worked hard to incorporate Balinese culture into her retreats and believes its lush setting goes a long way to heal her guests. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the entrepreneur, who kicked off the business with very little capital and no investors to support her.

“I was out of my comfort zone on every level. Not only did I have very little funding, I had no website, no location to use and I was living in a country where I didn’t speak the language fluently,” Kate said.

“I had to trust my gut 100% and it was this faith that got me through those first daunting months. I knew I was good at my job and had established a good reputation from my work in Thailand and Australia.”

Kate secured her first group of clients by sending an email out to her entire network telling them of her Ubud venture, and the bookings shortly started to flow in.

“I remember people sending me deposits and I was running around looking for yoga teachers, buying juicers and organising accommodation and drivers.”

Today Natural Instinct Healing offers five, seven, 10 and 14 day programs which are fully booked for months in advance and Kate runs retreats twice a year just outside of Byron Bay.

Kate’s clients come from all walks of life, but she has noticed several trends.

“Most of our clients are females who are overworked and exhausted. We support everyone from CEOs, celebrities, full time mothers and students who need to reconnect with themselves on a holistic level,” Kate said.

“It has been the greatest gift to watch people heal themselves every day. I’ve seen people have healthy babies after years of infertility, follow their heart’s desires to create a life they love and remember who they are and what they are capable of. It never gets old and I’m grateful to be able to watch such beautiful transformations.”

Kate said Ubud has lived up to its reputation as the mecca for natural health fanatics.

“Living in Ubud is amazing. There are so many like minded people around with an interest in alternative medicine and raw food. It’s non-stop fun.”

Natural Instinct Healing programs start at AUD $1550 (all inclusive except for flights and transfers). 

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