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Coming full circle to inspire more than a career in Chinese Medicine

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 11 May 2022

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Endeavour College academic Caitlin Armit had never had acupuncture or considered it a career until one of her massage teachers inspired her to learn more about Chinese Medicine.

“I’d spent a long time travelling overseas, and when I came home, I didn’t want to commit to a degree. I looked for short courses in life skills and kept building on what suited my personality. I studied diplomas in Traditional Chinese Massage (Tui Nai) and Remedial Massage, and one of my teachers talked about Chinese Medicine.

“I loved the philosophy, the idea of being my own boss and working one-on-one with clients,” Caitlin said. “Acupuncture was just becoming registered in Australia as a therapy, so I decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Health Science at Endeavour.”

“While you study Chinese Medicine, you experience personal growth and reflection. You learn about how you relate to people and how you conduct yourself. It’s more than a career. Studying Chinese Medicine encourages a healthy mindset and inspires you to be proactive about your health.”

Caitlin worked as a massage therapist in the Brisbane CBD while she studied. After graduating, Caitlin combined gentle acupuncture techniques with massage services. Suddenly after 11 years, the COVID-19 pandemic shut the clinic doors.

“It was an abrupt end, but it catapulted me into something new,” Caitlin said. “With few people working in the CBD, I set up a home clinic. I started rebuilding my client base. Then, due to personal circumstances, I had to move again and start over. In October 2021, I began supervising in the student clinic at Endeavour.

“Being back at Endeavour felt so natural. When I’m in practice, I can still hear the voices of the Endeavour academics who taught me. Now, I’m teaching alongside some of them, and it’s a great time to join as the Brisbane campus turns over a new leaf with its new premises.”

At Endeavour, Caitlin is teaching and supervising various units. It is Tui Nai that still stands out. “It’s active, hands-on, and I can share my clinical experience with the students. Sharing anecdotes and tips from my years of clinical practice helps them remember the information and hopefully recall it when they’re practising themselves.”

Committed to continually expanding her knowledge, Caitlin has completed a Diploma of Nutrition and is currently doing a Master of Educational Studies.

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