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Making the most of Endeavour’s outstanding library services

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 28 December 2022

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Endeavour’s library recently outranked 17 other Australian universities, achieving an overall score of 87.1% in an independent survey. We spoke with Endeavour National Librarian Sophie Gow about what this means, and she shares her top three tips for getting the most out of the library.

“Endeavour participated in the Insync Library Client Survey, which is a national audit of library services,” Sophie explained. “This year, Endeavour got outstanding results, which I put down to having a passionate library team dedicated to helping students and staff.”

The team gets some great feedback about their service. For Sophie, the comments that stand out are when students say the team goes above and beyond to help them succeed. “Or that they wouldn’t have gotten through their degree without us. That’s when we know we’re doing our job,” she said.

This year’s survey results showed the Endeavour library performs well in face-to-face and virtual services, providing accurate answers to enquiries and access to resources that help students succeed in their studies. Sophie said the library team has started visiting classes to explain the services and resources available.

“Being active in the classrooms is showing positive results. For example, we have seen plagiarism drop significantly because students are learning how to reference correctly.

“My top tip for students is to chat with our librarians – they are available on campus and online. You can book a consultation or walk in. Especially for people who haven’t studied for a while, finding information can be overwhelming, so come and see us,” Sophie said. “We help students with many different things – not all of the queries are in our realm, but if we know the answer, we’ll help you or direct you to the right person.”

Sophie’s second tip is to start your assignment early! “The academic year is busy, and some assignments are time-consuming, so I strongly recommend not leaving assignments to the last minute. The library team can help you prepare your resources in good time.

“My final tip is to get your head around references early. Avoid panicking at the end of your assignment or losing marks because you haven’t done them properly. We’ve got lots of examples and how-to guides, or we can show you how to do this in person,” Sophie said.

While the library survey didn’t show any areas of concern, Sophie and her team always look for ways to improve Endeavour’s library services. They’re currently planning further education about accessing the website and efficiently searching the online catalogue. If you have a suggestion for them, please email

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