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How to survive your first semester at Endeavour College

Written by Brittany Elliott | Thursday, 18 February 2021

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So, you’re about to start your first semester at Endeavour. Congratulations! You have an incredible journey ahead of you. It’s normal to feel excited, nervous and maybe even a little scared.

But fear not, here are a few tips on getting through (and thriving in) your first semester!

Firstly, get to know the LMS – it has a lot more than what meets the eye!

You will spend a lot of time doing your studies online. Whether that be completing online or blended subjects, or just getting work done from home. Getting to know the LMS will help you have a successful semester and beyond.

There are some really great and helpful tools on there such as learning resources on how to write different assignments, a guide to APA referencing, library guides and even the new (and very exciting) Studiosity system! Studiosity allows you to get feedback on your drafted assignments or get study help in-real-time.

Connect with your peers

Making like-minded friends is one of the best things about university. If you’re studying online, make sure you introduce yourself on the loop. If you’re on campus, introduce to yourself to your classmates and get to know one another!

Social media is also a great place to connect with endeavour students from all over the country! There is a Facebook group called Connecting Current Endeavour College Students where students can connect and help each other. And be sure to join your local campus Facebook page for updates and news. You can find your local campus Facebook page here:

There is also a buzzing Endeavour College community on Instagram! Make an account and follow others that are studying at Endeavour. A great way to find other students is to follow people that we re-post on to our Endeavour Instagram stories. Send them a message and say hello!

Create organisational habits

Find a way to stay organised that works for you and stick with it. Whether that be using a day-planner, an online calendar or even a trusty old-fashioned wall calendar, just pick one that you like and will commit to.

Each subject will provide you with a subject outline. This outline will provide you with all the information about what lies ahead for you in that class. Identify how much time you will need to dedicate to each class for lectures, tutorials, interactive activities and at-home study. You will also be given deadlines for all of your assessments under the LMS assessments tab. Make sure you put those dates straight into your planner/calendar. Once you have identified how many hours you need to dedicate to your studies and when your assessments are due, create a weekly plan/timetable to try and stick to throughout the semester.

Identify how you learn and use it to your advantage

We all learn best in different ways, and identifying your learning style will help you succeed. A great way to start to identify what your learning style is to complete this learning style assessment. Once you have identified how you learn best, try and figure out what you can do during your at-home study to set yourself up for success. Maybe you need to watch extra online videos or write out your notes twice – whatever works for you, do it consistently and you will be rewarded when the exam season comes around!

Ask for help

When things get too hard, ask for help. Your tutors are there to support you and help you succeed in the class. If you need clarification on a particular topic, have a question about an assessment or even need a little extra time to complete an assignment, contact your tutor and ask for help. As I mentioned before, there’s also Studiosity available to you which is online study support whenever you need it – it’s free for Endeavour College students, so take advantage of it!

Check your campus noticeboard, your subject news forum and the Connecting Current Endeavour College Students Facebook page for any opportunities for tutoring. There are tutoring sessions often offered by tutors of particular subjects or final year students. These can be incredibly helpful should you need a little extra assistance!

Remember your why

There will come a time where you wonder if you’re cut out for this career or if you should have ever enrolled in the first place. If or when that time arrives, remember why you chose to study a natural health degree and let that fuel you through the tough moments. The majority of students at Endeavour have discovered their passion for natural health through a pinnacle moment in their own lives. When the going gets tough, remembering why you chose to study this degree and what your goals are upon graduation will encourage you to stand back up when you fall or push through the difficult times.

Remember that you’re not alone

When you first start your degree, you might feel like a little fish in a very big pond. It’s important to remember that everyone starts out in the exact same position and that you will feel confident, comfortable and at home in no time.

Work hard and trust the process.

Brittany Elliott

Brittany is a 2nd-year student at Endeavour, studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) who is passionate about all thing’s health and wellness.

Brittany has a blog called The Nutritious Naturopath, where she shares content and recipes focussed on inspiring others to become their happiest and healthiest selves.

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