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From martial arts to Chinese medicine, motherhood and midwifery

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 4 July 2023

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With a background in martial arts and meditation, Millicent Matthew was bouncing around and looking for a career with purpose. They were seeing acupuncturists, who convinced them to consider studying natural medicine.

“I looked for an accredited college, and Endeavour was it in Brisbane,” they said. “I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) full-time and absolutely loved it!”

When Millicent started their studies, they wanted to focus on musculoskeletal health or alcohol and substance misuse. The last area they imagined working in was reproductive health. But as it turns out, their career is entirely focused on this area, and they couldn’t be happier.

“At Endeavour, I had some amazing teachers, and I went back to Endeavour to tutor and worked with some of the people who were my lecturers. My teachers certainly influenced my interest in reproductive health, but I also experienced fertility issues,” Millicent said.

After graduating, Millicent started practising with a team of Japanese acupuncture practitioners who generously trained them in this gentle form of acupuncture.

“When I fell pregnant, I realised there were many opportunities to help people access traditional East Asian medicine during this journey.”

Millicent moved to Melbourne to be closer to their daughter’s other parent, who also studied at Endeavour and is an acupuncturist, a Tui na and Qigong practitioner. Surrounded by holistic medicine, their daughter now practices cupping on her dolls.

Millicent found work in a holistic midwifery clinic, Midwives and Mothers Australia.

“I love my work. It is such a privilege to be part of a profound time in people’s lives with all its joys and sorrows,” Millicent said. “Plus, I have a career in health where I can choose my hours and be a parent. I am grateful for a flexible workplace where I can bring my daughter into the clinic.”

Millicent works in a queer-owned clinic, and they were keen to educate people about inclusivity. Millicent now teaches inclusivity, birth education, paediatric massage, acupressure and Tui na.

“People genuinely want to learn about inclusivity and how to make people feel comfortable, especially when talking about sensitive topics and at vulnerable times,” Millicent said.

Millicent loves teaching and learning. They are now doing their midwifery and nursing qualification and considering research in Traditional Eastern medicine and birthing.

“I could study Chinese medicine all over again and again and never know it all,” they said. “It is a holistic practice and becomes part of every aspect of your life. I only wish I had done it earlier.”

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