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Five (scientifically backed) reasons to love the infrared sauna!

Written by Caitlin Stores | Wednesday, 4 March 2020

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It’s no secret that sisters Caitlin and Larissa Stores love their infrared saunas. With one thriving infrared sauna business in Sydney’s East, Bachelor of Complementary Medicine alumni, Caitlin Stores and her sister both sauna at least three times a week, year round and love the way it makes them feel, both physically and mentally.

Caitlin shares with us her five favourite reasons to love the infrared sauna (that are backed by science).

1. For glowing skin

This is a big one for us, sure there are many amazing health benefits of sauna use, but having clear glowing skin is such a bonus! The heavy sweating you experience in the infrared sauna causes increased capillary circulation, helps to eliminate bacteria from the top layer of the skin and increases the rate at which dead skin cells are removed – this is a powerful combo and ensures clearer, softer skin. The movement of fluid to the surface and the flushing of waste through the skin increases firmness, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin tone and cleanses the pores. I’m honestly not sure why you aren’t all stampeding through the door right now…

(Source: NCBI)

2. To stress less

Stress is caused by more than just a tough week in the office – environmental pollutants, intense exercise, toxic personal care products and processed foods can all cause huge stress responses in the body. Enter heat shock proteins! These guys are used by cells to counteract harmful stressors in all areas of your life. Research studies have shown that whole body hyperthermia can induce a ermetic response that increases the production of heat shock proteins, which are super important when building resistance to stress.

(Source: NCBI)

3. For a strong immune system

We rarely get sick these days, and lucky because ain’t nobody got time to be stuck at home with the flu! It was no surprise to us when we read that medical research in Germany has shown that regular sauna use can significantly reduce incidences of colds and flu. Another study in the Journal of Human Kinetics showed that after a session in the sauna, there was increased activity in the white blood cell profile, indicating that the sauna use stimulates the immune system. If we feel the tiniest inkling of a cold coming on get straight into the sauna to sweat it out and then rest and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – works every time!

(Source: NCBI)

4. For a great night’s sleep

Getting consistently good sleep is imperative to a maintaining a healthy mind and body. Lack of good quality sleep will begin to eat away at all other areas of your life, leaving you feeling flat and unfulfilled. Regular sauna users can attest to the feel good quality of a session in the infrared sauna, and this is due to the endorphins that are released throughout, creating a soothing and tranquillising effect on the body. Studies have shown that regular sauna use can help to relieve chronic tension and help to provide a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

(Source: NCBI)

5. For longevity

We have always been fascinated by ‘blue zones’ and longevity. So it goes without saying that this Finnish study on sauna use is one of absolute favourites… A study of 2,300 men in Finland found that regularly spending time in a sauna may help to keep the heart healthy and to extend life. The more sauna sessions the men had per week, the lower their risk of sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease. It also extended the life of those participants suffering from other illnesses, including cancer.

(Source: JAMA Network)

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Caitlin Stores

Caitlin Stores is an Endeavour College of Natural Health alumni and the co-founder of Wildfire Wellness, a dedicated infrared sauna and wellness studio in Maroubra. She began her health and wellness journey at Endeavour in 2012 where she studied Nutritional Medicine before jetting off to work on super yachts around the world, finally returning home and graduating with a degree in Complementary Medicine in 2017.

Wildfire Wellness was born out of Caitlin and her younger sister Larissa's passion for vibrant health, alternative healing and living a life free from dis-ease. You can connect with Caitlin on Facebook and on Instagram @wildfire_wellness.

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