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10 tips for post-graduation success

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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Life after graduation is an exciting time – the path you’ve been working towards is suddenly right in front of you and it’s time to begin the next chapter of your journey. Exhilarating? Yes. Terrifying? Also yes. One thing to remember is that you’re not alone and there’s no such thing as the right path. Your journey will be full of curveballs, which is why we’ve put together some tips to help you conquer post-graduation life.

Before we dive into our list, we want to highlight possibly the most important step in preparing for post-graduation life – start right now! The earlier the better! Endeavour has a range of career-oriented programs, events, and services available to all students, including:

Careers Service – Check out the Careers Service page for a range of resources we offer to Endeavour students and graduates.

Careers Events – We host a variety of career-focused events throughout the year. Visit the Endeavour Events page and use the ‘Careers’ filter.

Industry Job Board – Browse through jobs on our Industry Job Board. Endeavour is contacted daily by organisations that are seeking to employ current students and graduates. For advice on how to put your most professional foot forward, please contact our Careers Service at

Here are tips for post graduation success:

#1 Pick your path

Whether that’s establishing your own brand, opening your own clinic, pursuing further studies, job hunting or beyond, be intentional and clear about the path you want to take. We believe there’s beauty in the unexpected and going with the flow, but it’s definitely important to have a goal you’re working towards!

Identifying your specialty and/or areas of interest will also help when it comes to picking your path. This will also help set you apart from the rest. Having well-rounded knowledge, experience, and skills across a discipline is great but having a specialty will be valuable when establishing a network and client base.

#2 Develop your resume
Picture this: You’re at a networking event and meet the owner of a natural health brand and they’re looking for new employees. After hearing more about the role, you’d be perfect for it! “Amazing! Let’s connect on LinkedIn and you can send me a copy of your resume” – Sure, but the last time you updated your LinkedIn was two years ago and your resume also needs a polish…

Career opportunities can appear at unexpected times. Updating your resume, tracking achievements, clipping portfolio items and beyond is something that’s easy to fall behind on. Getting on top of this is key in the lead-up to graduation!

#3 Network
Make the most of your alumni network, and attend events and webinars… Immersing yourself in the natural health community is a great way to be inspired, motivated, and can present professional opportunities. Apart from this, you’ll meet people who will become friends and mentors for life.

#4 Establish a personal brand
Regardless of whether you’ll be establishing your own business or entering the workforce, establishing a personal brand is important for both of these paths. If you’re planning on running your own business, finding a brand name is usually step one! From here, a logo, checking trademarks and URL availability will follow closely behind. If you’re diving straight into the job hunting process, updating your resume, portfolio, social media accounts, and website is a great place to start. Professional headshots are also worth consideration for both of these career paths.

#5 Social media presence
In this day and age, social media is one of the most powerful marketing and branding tools in existence. Why? Because it’s free, easily accessible, reaches the masses, and can be set up and utilised immediately.

#6 Learn new skills
There’s something empowering about teaching yourself a new skill, and now’s the time to do it. Learn how to use Canva, sign up for a marketing webinar, take a social media masterclass, attend events, do a short course… We know that some of these things can be pricey but if you can afford it, see it as an investment in yourself and your future!

#7 Be adaptable
There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to life after graduation. Your path will be different to the next person’s and it won’t be a linear process. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your plans don’t go exactly as you hoped or expected – it’s all part of the process and is setting you up for something better (we truly believe that).

#8 Understand what you can and can’t do
You’ve achieved so much and we think you’re amazing, but it’s important to be aware of professional limitations before embarking on your next steps after graduation. What qualifications do you hold? Which professional associations can you join? Which job titles can you hold? Which professions can you enter and which ones might require further skills or study.

#9 Get your admin in check
This step is the one that many of us grimace at, but it’s one of the most crucial steps for post-graduation. Setting up an ABN, bank account, tax process, insurance, business name, invoicing process, consulting with a lawyer and/or accountant – being proactive about the backend of the professional world will be something your future self will thank you for! Now, this process will differ depending on your career path, but knowledge of these processes will be incredibly useful regardless of how, if or when it’s used.

#10 Enjoy the process
Your future is ahead of you and it’s looking bright. Enjoy every moment of life leading up to and post-graduation. Now’s the time to grab that coffee with your favourite lecturer, grab lunch with your study buddy, or go to an industry event with your classmates. Celebrate your achievements and how far you’ve come!

We hope that these tips will help you navigate life after graduation and without sounding too cliche, remember that there’s no such thing as failure – only opportunities for learning and growth!

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